Payment and Refund Policy

  1. Wallet Top-Up
  2. Refund Policy
  3. Cancellation Policy
  1. Wallet Top-Up:

    1. When you add funds to your coto wallet, these funds can be used to access a variety of services offered through our platform. Please note that once funds are added to your coto wallet, they cannot be refunded under any circumstances whatsoever and shall bear no expiry date. The balance in your coto wallet can only used to avail services on coto app. This ensures that your experience remains seamless and your resources are ready when you need them. In the event you delete your coto account, any account balance will also be deleted without any option to seek refund. Subsequent registration with the same registered mobile number or email ID will bear the wallet balance as nil.
    2. The top-up amount decided by the user for their wallet will be exclusive of any service tax, in accordance with the governing law. The service tax, which is applicable as per the law, will be collected separately by coto. This will occur at the time the user chooses to top-up their wallet. To ensure transparency in this process, coto will issue a valid invoice to the user. This invoice will detail the service tax amount being collected in relation to the top-up transaction. The issuance of the valid invoice serves to provide the user with a clear understanding of the charges they are incurring when they top up their wallet.
    3. coto employs secure payment systems to facilitate financial transactions. Users are required to provide accurate and up-to-date payment information for the successful processing of transactions. coto disclaims liability for any issues arising from inaccurate payment information provided by users.
    4. Users will receive a transaction confirmation upon the successful completion of payment. coto recommends users to keep a record of transaction confirmations for their reference.
    5. Users are subject to the terms and conditions of the payment gateway used by coto in order to understand transaction fee and other charges, if any, applicable to their preferred payment method. coto disclaims responsibility for any issues arising from the terms and conditions of the payment gateway. Users are advised to read the terms and conditions of their chosen payment gateway before processing the transaction.
    6. In case of billing related inquiries please reach out to us by writing an email to
  2. Refund Policy

    1. Service Quality Guarantee on First Sessions: We are committed to providing high-quality, impactful sessions every time you use coto. If you are dissatisfied with the quality of services of your first session with a new expert, we empower you to request a refund. This refund, including coto gains (if any) will be credited directly to your coto wallet, ensuring you have the freedom to choose another expert or service that better meets your needs. Please note, this quality guarantee is applicable only to your first session with any new expert. Repeat sessions with the same expert will not be eligible for refunds on ground dissatisfaction with the services of the Expert.
    2. Technical Difficulties: Full refund will be credited to User into the User’s coto Wallet if the service commerce session is unable to begin or an on-going session is interrupted due to any technical error attributable to coto.
    3. Time Limit for Initiating Refund Request: To request a refund due to service quality or technical issues, you must do so within 12 hours of your session's conclusion. No refund requests will be considered after this 12-hour period has expired.
    4. How to Request a Refund: To request a refund, please navigate the transaction list in your coto wallet and select the transaction that is available for refund. Once a refund request is submitted, you can view the status of your refund in the transaction details section in your coto wallet. If your refund request if approved, we will communicate the same to you via in-app notification and we credit the amount in your coto wallet including coto gains (if any). If your refund request is rejection, we will communicate the same to you via in-app notification. Should you wish to escalate the rejection, please contact our grievance team through our app or send us an email at from your registered email ID. Provide details of the session ID and the issue encountered. Please mention your username and phone number in your email.
    5. Number of refunds permitted: Refunds requested due to service quality issues are subject to an overall ceiling limit. You are eligible to request a maximum of two refunds per month, with an annual limit of five refunds per year. Refunds requested due to technical difficulties are not subject to any ceiling limit.
    6. Rejection of refund request: If your refund request is denied due to invalid reasons or policy abuse, then you can't make further requests for the same transaction.
    7. No refund of free credit: In the event that a user’s wallet is credited with bonus funds given by coto, it's important to understand that these funds are not eligible for a refund. These bonus credits are essentially a complimentary benefit provided by coto, intended to enhance the user experience on our platform. They are not tied to any financial transaction made by the user, and as such, the stipulation of no refunds on the usage of bonus credits is a standard policy. Therefore, once these bonus credits are used within our platform, the user will not be able to request a refund on these specific amounts. This policy applies to all users, without exception, aiming to maintain a fair and consistent approach throughout our platform.
  3. Cancellation Policy

    Presently our app exclusively supports the live commerce feature, where users have the opportunity to join a call with an expert in real time, as and when they require assistance. This unique format, crafted to ensure immediate access to expert advice, does not include a cancellation policy as there is no need for pre-scheduled bookings.
    This approach has been designed keeping in mind the spontaneity of user needs. However, we understand that as our platform evolves, the need to schedule sessions with our experts in advance may arise. With that in mind, we are considering adding a feature that will allow users to book sessions with experts ahead of time.
    Once this feature is implemented, it will necessitate the introduction of a cancellation policy. We assure you that when this happens, we will promptly update our policy documents and communicate the new terms to our users. We believe that this will provide flexibility and better planning for our users, while preserving our commitment to providing high-quality, on-demand services.