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How women come together on coto

Purpose x Community

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A #WomenForWomen space where creators, brands and agencies can own the platform and engage in purpose-driven conversations.

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coto Spotlight Program

Specially curated education series for women creators on community building and engagement, monetisation, digital marketing and more!

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City Ambassador Program

Build a purposeful community for the women of your city, help find authentic recommendations and reviews, promote your services and business and find local support.

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coto uni

Your vibe will match your tribe! Want to be a pro at community building? Join us for exclusive course certifications, beginners entrepreneurship workshops and get top-notch job referrals.

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Brands & Publishers

Extend market reach, cater to a women-only audience, explore a wider content ecosystem, build advocacy, boost discovery and engagement.

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Agency Accelerator

Exclusive partnership program for agencies to monetize through women-only creators, increase engagement for brands, provide scale-up opportunities to monetise and get dedicated support.

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Why coto for creators

Explore endless opportunities for monetization. Build your own marketplace.

Curate multiple brands and earn listing fees

Brand advocacy through live commerce

Earn from affiliate marketing content

Earn via platform fees, ads and promotions

Setup your own private label

Make money through sale commissions from multiple brands

Build together, invite your friends, earn coto Gains & earn rewards with our exclusive rewards program

Seamless product and service commerce, brand partnerships and advertising

Benefit from multiple revenue streams from creator owned marketplaces

How you can build, grow and earn on coto


Build Early

Get maximum visibility

Learn the best and the fastest ways to grow your community from creator of coto.


Grow Faster

The earlier, the better

Get participative advantage and grow as we make the platform bigger and better.


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Collect coto Gains

Expand your network and monetise on your creation in a space that is truly yours.

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cotoOG NFT Badges

Platform Gamification

Content Strategy Support

Governance rights to Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)

Marketing Support

coto Gains

Platform Support

coto Rewards Program

Share your safe space with women you love!

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& earn 1 coto Gains each!

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