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A truly safe platform where women engage freely and unapologetically

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With Facial Recognition Feature, we ensure that everyone who signs up on coto is or identifies as a woman

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Free Your Mind

by Gul Panang

Social Impact
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Zindagi With Richa

by Richa Anirudh

Social Impact
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My Mental Wellness Journey

by Shweta Kawatra

Mental Health
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Meri Marzi

by Mona Singh

Social Impact
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I wish I knew this sooner

by Shruti Seth

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by Pallavi Barnwal

Sexual Wellness
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Level up Your Skills and Self

by Tina

Education & Training
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Happy Relationships

by Chitkala

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Skincare Talks

by Shabia Walia

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Wellness World

by Tanushree

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She Se Shakti

by Juhi Babbar Soni

Social Impact

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 Passionate Diary (join in) community profile picture
🍿 Entertainment

this community is to share the things that we are passionate about and allow ourselves to understand and connect with others through storytelling, sharing our real stories with creativity!more


✈️ Travel

hwllootjme shknxnmore


✊ Social Impact


Red Dot Foundation - Safecity community profile picture
♀️ Feminism


Freedom of expression community profile picture
👗 Fashion


love your life community profile picture
⚭ Bridal


Freedom Preeti community profile picture
👗 Fashion

☺☺ Sukoon☺☺more

Sheskali ram community profile picture
⏲️ Fitness

I provide Opportunity international digital work business success this is the first step you 👈🤝🤙8101667213( rejistaion from free 👈 wonderful income and beautiful lifestyle financiel freedom anytime 🆗👉🥰 your interesting inbox 📥 me contact me 👈🤝🤙more

Entrepreneur helping hand community profile picture
📈 Career

Helping women to start up new businesses or assisting existing businesses. Bringing your future, today. more

Beauty Womens Talk community profile picture
⚭ Bridal


Top Questions

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Feminism: breaking barriers, shattering stereotypes, and empowering women to redefine their place in a bold and inclusive world hdjns @Queen Bees 🐝 @Ramiya
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Do you sing and loud because noone is around?
Yes I do. I don't know why I just don't enjoy a song unless and until I sing it on my own
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What supplements are recommended for menopause?
You would generally need calcium and vitamin d supplements once you hit your 40s. As you grow older your calcium absorption decreases and it is very important to maintain certain calcium levels for your bone and muscle strength. Vitamin d is needed for better absorption of calcium as well as for good mood regulation. Apart from that most other supplements get prescribed based on deficiency.
Menopause means stopping of female hormones, especially Estrogen. Because it is necessary for your vagina as well as your overall health, you can take so many natural Medicines instead of taking just supplements. You may face vaginal dryness, mood swings/ emotional ups and downs and osteoporosis. Also hot flushes irritates most. Just supplements are not sufficient if these symptoms are irritating you. Then Take proper consultation with your doctor. Natural medicines are more useful in my opinion.
Trending iconTop discussion
I am 21 and I want suggestions about when is it good for my mind and body to engage in sex for me not to regret later?
but it is a painful
Trending iconTop discussion
hi meri sadi kb hogi
kya huaa
अरेंज होगी या लव hogi
Trending iconTop discussion
What are the disadvantages of living together as a family?
There are no disadvantage.. only you have to be positive. We offer a platform where you can start your own business from work from home opportunity with flexible working hours. DM your qualification in my WhatsApp number +919435110521 for more information.
hii I think there are both pros as well as cons as your ask for disadvantage then 1. lack of freedom 2. lots of work loads 3. intrupt self care time
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I have been in a relationship since 4 years which included a breakup and patch up on between. I faced so many traumas because of his insecurities and now at this point when he is putting all the efforts and doing all the good things that I always wished , i would have been happy if it was before but this feels like too late and I am not getting and feelings on wtever he is doing. plus I am also attracted to a man who is so caring and who's love languages is like exactly mine. My current boyfriends ' love language is different. I am just not knowing wt to do but all this nonsense is disturbing me from months. My boyfriend encourages me, supports me through downs and I am his first priority but except these our daily life doesnt have that spark and i don't think such sparks existed any time. This only feels like friendship now. wt do you advisee to do.
it was happening same me but is was before 1 year
Hi anonymous, I hear you and empathise with what you are going through. It is natural for the negativity charge to get accumulated over the years and just as things are seeing to improve, one of the partners feels that the threshold is broken and they no longer feel attached to the person or the relationship. When you are caught between the attitudes and behaviors of two individuals who happen to be current or potential partners, it is important to take a step back and focus a bit more on yourself. It helps to see what you like in your life and how you can bring that in, without having to depend on another individual to fill your cup. Right now it appears that the lack you found in one person, you seem to find it filled by the other. This situation itself can cause a confirmation bias and you will be less likely to evaluate the relationships from a more objective lens as you are functioning from a comparative plane.
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Embrace love in all its colors and empower acceptance - because nobody should be judged for their sexual orientation, rather celebrated for flourishing as their true authentic selves.ICICI’s
Trending iconPopular opinion
انا عندي مشكله اني عصبيه وانفعاليه جدا جدا من اي حاجه وحاسه ان حاجه زي كده هتخسرني الناس او هي خسرتني الناس فعلا اعمل اي
اهلا عزيزتى الغضب مظلوم أنه مرتبط بالعنف والعدوان وده مش حقيقي ممكن تكونى غضبانه بشكل ايجابى وتعبرى عن غضبك بشكل فعال وتاكدى حقوقك وحدودك وده هيكون حقك خلينا نتواصل من خلال اللايف وتتواصل فون ونتكلم اكتر عن تفاصيل لان شعور الغضب ده ليه أساس ومواقف مسببه ليه ويمكن ف اكتر من شعور غير الغضب خلينا نمشى مع بعض سكه التعافى وتسمحيلى اساعدك دمتى بخير وود واستقرار 🥰
اهلا وسهلا بيكي LeLe عندك حق هتحتاجي تشتغلي علي التحكم فالغضب حاولي وانتي غضبانه متاخديش رد فعل قيمي الحاجة واكتبيها وشوفي احسن تصرف وهيخسرك ايه وارجعي خدي رد الفعل اهلا وسهلا بيكي تابعيني ونتكلم اكتر عن التحكم فالغضب هستناكي 😍
Trending iconTop discussion
What factors determine an individual's sexual orientation and can it evolve over time?ufhchchxhc
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Top Posts

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Unlock your potential and find solace through a transformative journey of self-discovery with professional counselling - because your mental wellbeing matters.snsb
exactly mental health matters and it should be our priority
Trending iconTop discussion
Rumination is not a disorder. It is a preventative cognition which is found alongside many disorder such as depression, anxiety, OCD & PTSD. What do you find yourself ruminating about the most ??
I think for me it is household chores and miscellaneous tasks. I get anxious about when I'll get to them and when it's get done
Trending iconPopular opinion
دكتوره متى مواعيدك باللايفات
اهلا رفاه 🥰 خلال اليوم إن شاء الله تابع البوستات بكتب مواعيد اللايف دمتى بخير وود 🙏🌼
Trending iconPopular opinion
في مهارات تواصل مهمه لازم نتعلمها عشان حتي وقت خلافك ماتخسريش علاقتك بشريك حياتك. #maritalcounseling #sexualitycounseling #relationships #السعودية #الكويت #مصر #الامارات #الامارات
dayman lives bet3tek w reels mofeeda msA rabena yezeedek 3elm w tes3dy El nas ❤️
Trending iconPopular opinion
تعالى اقولك تدمرى أولادك ازاى ؟ #relationships #relationshipadvice #psychotherapyworks #coaching #wellness #womenwellness
صح جدا يا دكتور 👏🏻💯
Trending iconPopular opinion
صراعات ومشادات وضغوط أسرية توقف التواصل والاستجابات الايجابية اكتشاف الاخرين للمشاكل الاعتراف بعدم ملائمة الطرفين لبعضهما البعض زيادة المشاجرات
صعب قوي
Trending iconTop discussion
I want proper wording to chant to receive my money Rs.1,50,000 from my friend
hlo mam I'm bhawna audio call per bat Hui meri apse hynahopon therapy ke liye I'm suffering from thyroid anger issue depression
This switchword chant with visualisation
Trending iconPopular opinion
هل اي شخصية عندها فرط حساسية يبقي معندهاش ثقة بالنفس أو تبقي شخصية ضعيفة؟! تابعوني بكره في live الساعة ٩.٣٠ صباحاً هنعمل إختبار فرط الحساسية وبعدها نتكلم عن تعاملاتهم وعلاقاتهم وازاي يتعاملو
So true
Trending iconPopular opinion
You will get there!! When you take one step at a time, no matter how small, you eventually make progress. Success works the same way. You don't have to do everything all at once. Instead, focus on taking small, manageable steps toward your goals. This deliberate approach not only prevents burnout but also ensures that each step we take is purposeful and meaningful. Taking life one step at a time is about making deliberate and informed choices that contribute to long-term success. #Onestepatatime #ProgressNotPerfection #KeepMovingForward #SlowAndSteady #JourneyToSuccess #SmallWins #PersonalGrowth #MotivationMonday #StayFocused #BelieveInYourself #PatienceIsKey #DailyProgress #LifeGoals #AchievementUnlocked

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