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Free Your Mind

by Gul Panang

Social Impact
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Zindagi With Richa

by Richa Anirudh

Social Impact
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My Mental Wellness Journey

by Shweta Kawatra

Mental Health
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Meri Marzi

by Mona Singh

Social Impact
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I wish I knew this sooner

by Shruti Seth

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by Pallavi Barnwal

Sexual Wellness
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Level up Your Skills and Self

by Tina

Education & Training
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Happy Relationships

by Chitkala

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Skincare Talks

by Shabia Walia

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Wellness World

by Tanushree

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She Se Shakti

by Juhi Babbar Soni

Social Impact

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✈️ Travel

hwllootjme shknxnmore


✊ Social Impact


Freedom of expression community profile picture
👗 Fashion


love your life community profile picture
⚭ Bridal



🪐 Astro & Tarot


 Passionate Diary (join in) community profile picture
🍿 Entertainment

this community is to share the things that we are passionate about and allow ourselves to understand and connect with others through storytelling, sharing our real stories with creativity!more

🩺 Health

हम आपके लिए आपके साथ मिलकर आपकी सेहत के लिए है हमें सम्पर्क करें more

Sheskali ram community profile picture
⏲️ Fitness

I provide Opportunity international digital work business success this is the first step you 👈🤝🤙8101667213( rejistaion from free 👈 wonderful income and beautiful lifestyle financiel freedom anytime 🆗👉🥰 your interesting inbox 📥 me contact me 👈🤝🤙more

Entrepreneur helping hand community profile picture
📈 Career

Helping women to start up new businesses or assisting existing businesses. Bringing your future, today. more community profile picture
💄 Beauty✨ 🌺Makeup| skincare |haircare |Lifestyle 📍Egypt 🇪🇬 Alexandriamore

Top Questions

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my boss is pressurizing me to take a certification exam at my job. are there any insights on how yo deal with this? I do not feel ready to take the exam now.
Try talking to your senior and HR if possible, if you unsure about something its always better to have clear communication before hand and its better if they formally write about details of this exam on formal mail/letter
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Feminism: breaking barriers, shattering stereotypes, and empowering women to redefine their place in a bold and inclusive world hdjns @Queen Bees 🐝 @Ramiya
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Do you sing and loud because noone is around?
Yes I do. I don't know why I just don't enjoy a song unless and until I sing it on my own
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What supplements are recommended for menopause?
You would generally need calcium and vitamin d supplements once you hit your 40s. As you grow older your calcium absorption decreases and it is very important to maintain certain calcium levels for your bone and muscle strength. Vitamin d is needed for better absorption of calcium as well as for good mood regulation. Apart from that most other supplements get prescribed based on deficiency.
Menopause means stopping of female hormones, especially Estrogen. Because it is necessary for your vagina as well as your overall health, you can take so many natural Medicines instead of taking just supplements. You may face vaginal dryness, mood swings/ emotional ups and downs and osteoporosis. Also hot flushes irritates most. Just supplements are not sufficient if these symptoms are irritating you. Then Take proper consultation with your doctor. Natural medicines are more useful in my opinion.
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I have gone through my child's death because of premature delivery. My husband is blaming me for that and taking a divorce from me. My all inlaws are against me. After marriage my husband and in laws started mentally torturing me .Nowadays I am dealing with lots of depression and stress. I am suffering sleepless nights. Please help me. How can I overcome the depression and stress caused by my husband blaming me for our child's premature death and my in-laws' mental torture, while dealing with sleepless nights and the threat of divorce?
I'm deeply sorry to hear about the immense pain and suffering you're experiencing. t’s crucial to prioritize your mental health and well-being during this incredibly time.Establish a strong support system by reaching out to friends or family members who can offer emotional support, and consult with a lawyer to understand your rights regarding the divorce and potential legal support against the mental torture.Set clear boundaries by limiting contact with people contributing to this stress and create a comforting space for yourself, focus on future,small achievable goals.Prioritize self-care by creating a calming bedtime routine to improve your sleep quality,Incorporate mindfulness meditation and relaxation techniques such as deep breathing exercises to manage stress.Journaling your thoughts and feelings can be therapeutic, and practicing daily gratitude can help shift your focus towards positive aspects of your life. Pl remember healing takes time and you deserve compassion. Stay strong
Hello I recommend you to be financially independent and always be positive. let the time pass. they'll understand.. share your qualification in my WhatsApp number +9435110521 for more details.
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carrir Or sucess
mein kab govt job karungi
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will he come back? will he speaks to me? will he harm me? will he marry me?
main meri shaadi love marriage hogi ya arrange marriage hogi
Trending iconTop discussion
meri shadi ko 2years hue h. child nh h. kbtk hoga or meri mariage life m bh bht problem hai
ap muje call kariye batati hu ya msg kro inbox me
aap astrologer ya koi tarot card reader se baat kijiye agar prediction chahiye.
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I have vaginal dryness issue. even after roleplay, not get wet. it's time to consult to doctor or it is normal? I m 38 now. I practice masterbate also.
Hey there. Hope you are doing well. If you are suffering from constant vaginal dryness, then you should certainly see a doctor!
Hello Dear. I'm a Consultant Psychologist and Sexual Health Expert. Does it always happen or only during a particular time period of your cycle? How is your periods? You can use lubricants available and drink lots of water. Any itching or irritation?
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hlo mam meri shadi mere boyfriend se hogi ya nahi or vo mujhse pyar karta hai na mujhe cheat to nahi kar raha na hum dono hamesha Khush rahenge na DOB priyanshu Sindhi 24 May 2005 Bhumika 17 August 2005

Top Posts

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Unlock your potential and find solace through a transformative journey of self-discovery with professional counselling - because your mental wellbeing matters.snsb
exactly mental health matters and it should be our priority
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Rumination is not a disorder. It is a preventative cognition which is found alongside many disorder such as depression, anxiety, OCD & PTSD. What do you find yourself ruminating about the most ??
I think for me it is household chores and miscellaneous tasks. I get anxious about when I'll get to them and when it's get done
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Your answer is here girls 😉. Follow me now join my community tarot with kumkum now 🌙 check your answer now Card 1 :- yes you’re getting married with your desire partner 🧙🏻‍♀️🌝🪄🫂 Card 2 :- Nope 😶 there are issues #marriage#tarotreadersofinstagram#gilmoregirls
boliye mam
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انا عملت الواجب بتاع حضرتك وكتبت اربع مشكلات فى حياتى وحلولها
اهلا بيكي برافو عليكي لما طبقتي خطوات حل المشكلة ياترى حسيتي بالفرق بين السابق ودلوقت شاركيني برأيك وخبرتك🥰
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How My Husband’s Secret Confession Became My Passion and Spiced Up Our Sex Life For years, my husband kept his fantasies hidden out of fear of being judged. Our sex life had grown monotonous, but I had no idea that he was harboring desires that could reignite our passion. One day, I unexpectedly caught him watching videos of muscular women and female domination on TV. This led to an honest conversation where he confessed that he found muscular women incredibly arousing and was fascinated by the idea of a strong woman taking a dominant role while he submitted. His confession was a revelation. Initially, I was surprised, but as we talked more openly about his fantasies, I began to see the excitement and potential they could bring to our relationship. Instead of feeling threatened or uncomfortable, I decided to embrace his desires and explore this new dimension together. I embarked on a journey into bodybuilding, dedicating myself to getting physically stronger and more muscular. As I transformed, not only did I feel more empowered and confident, but our sexual dynamic also evolved. We introduced elements of BDSM into our relationship, exploring dominance and submission in a way that brought us closer and made our encounters thrilling and fulfilling. This experience taught me the immense value of open communication in a relationship. By being honest about our desires and fantasies, we broke down barriers and discovered new ways to connect and enjoy each other. Embracing my husband’s confession didn’t just spice up our sex life—it deepened our intimacy and strengthened our bond. If you’re feeling stuck in a routine, I encourage you to have those candid conversations with your partner. You never know what passions might be waiting to be discovered and how they can transform your relationship for the better.
This is the most inspiring and creative way of spicing up things in relationship. I'm so happy that you can grow as a couple and also, satisfied. Keep sharing and inspiring. Much love!
@Psychologist_Maryann lets hear from people about their stories. Thanks for creating this open platform 😍
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I am married but we have a lot of fights.
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Dedicated to improving women's health and providing employment opportunities at *Samagra Sukanya Ayushmaan Care. Passionate about empowering women through comprehensive healthcare and sustainable livelihoods* Join us in making a positive impact in our community! Intrested females comment me "yes" type kare 🙏🏻 Opportunities to earn monthly 5000 to 25000 by work at home 🙏🏻 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 Call me :- 7309173244
Share this poster only with females
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نسبة الالتهاب المزمن او السيطرة علية مهمة جدا كل فترة ودي التحاليل اللي مفروض نعملها عشان تتأكد من نسبة الالتهابات في جسمنا 👌👌👌👌 لو عندكو اي اسأله عن التحاليل دي اسألوهالي
Well ms ya dr ?
Trending iconTop discussion
بنات هو ليه محدش بيتقدملي الناس يقولوا انهم جايين ومفيش حد جاي
اهلاً يا جميله 🌸 في البدايه اخانا عارفين ان دا نصيب في الأول أو الآخر بس احنا احنا ممكن نعمل حبه نصايح واكيد دا هيلينا نفكر بشكل مختلف زي مثلا: * حاولي تطوري من نفسك وتحبي نفسك ودا هيساعدك في تنميه ثقه بنفسك وصوره الذات عندك هتكون افضل *ممكن كمان تشتغلي علي تنميه المهارات الاجتماعيه ودا هيساعد علي تكوين صداقات والمساحه المجتمعية والتفاعل الاجتماعي ليكي يكون اكبر 😉 * شوفي أنشطه ورياضيه تمارسيهم علشان تكوني مع شريحه اكبر من الناس * طبعا متنسيش الاتكيت في التعامل بطريقه راقيه لان دا هيساعد علي ان الأشخاص الي بتتعاملي معاهم يكونوا شبهك * من المهم أننا نتعامل مع اي سلبيات جوانا زي الصدمات وجرح الطفل الداخلي لان دا بيأثر اكيد هستناكي يا جميله نتكلم مع بعض اكتر علشان تقدري تشوفي نفسك من منظور مختلف وتتقبلي نفسك 😉 هكون معاكي النهارده الساعه ١٠ بتوقيت مصر وبعد كدا هكون معاكي كل يوم ماعدا الجمعه من الساعه٨ للساعه ١٢ اتمنالك يوم لطيف ☺️

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