Information about your Contacts data

  1. Contacts Syncing by Members

    1. We will seek your express consent before syncing your contacts and you have the option of denying us access to your contacts.
    2. When you allow us to have an access to your phone's address book, you share with us all your contacts including their name and phone number.
    3. Your contact list is periodically synced and securely stored on our servers and your contacts will be re-uploaded on our servers the next time we sync your contacts.
    4. When you provide your phone number at the time of registration, your account may be recommended to members who have your contact information in their device's contact list.
    5. If at any time you wish to discontinue syncing of your contacts, you can disable the feature from your device setting. In case you are using the app from more than one account, you need to change the settings in all your devices.
  2. How do we use your contact data

    1. When you connect your device's contact list with the app, we will process this data to recommend members you can connect with based on your contacts data shared with us. This feature enables you to find and connect with people in your contact list who are already a registered member with coto. You can also send invitation and/or referral link to people in your contact list who are presently not a member of coto. Please ensure you send invite link to women only.
    2. We do not share your contact data with any third party.
  3. For how long do we retain your contact data

    1. We will retain your contacts data and periodically sync the same till such time you withdraw your consent or disable contact sharing feature from your device settings or delete your account.
    2. In certain cases, we may need to keep your contact information for longer, including after you ask us to erase it. This includes for legal reasons such as to respond to a legal request or comply with applicable law, for regulatory or litigation matters, to prevent harm or for safety, security and integrity purposes. The length of time we need to keep it will depend on the specific reason.
  4. Contact information of Non-Members

    1. If you are presently not a member of coto, we may still have access to your name and phone number if any app member shares access to her contacts with us. This data will be securely stored on our servers.
    2. When a non-member joins the app, she will be recommended to members who have her name saved on their phone's contact list.
    3. We will store a non-members data as long as the member who provided the data continues to sync her contacts with the app.
    4. In case any non-member wishes to seek any information with respect to use of her personal data, you can write to us