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仃 Pregnancy
Post-partum Care

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仃 Pregnancy

Emzirme, meme problemleri, bebek bak覺m覺na dair her ey more

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Hello Everyone. Talking about sexual health can be extremely distressing for most women. This community would help de-mystify myths regarding sexual health, be a platform for open communication regarding sexual health concerns and relationship issues. Remember this is a judgement free platform and we do not aim to discriminate anyone for their experiences. How would this platform work? 1. Sharing evidence-based practices. 2. Research based techniques 3. Voicing and answering your unfiltered questions. Hoping to spread the right awareness and encourage each one of you to voice your concerns guilt free. more


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pregnancy tipsmore

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Welcome to Postpartum Serenity, a heartfelt community crafted just for you, wonderful mothers navigating the beautiful yet transformative postpartum journey. Here, we embrace the ups and downs, sharing stories, advice, and boundless support. Together, we cultivate a haven of understanding, where friendships flourish, and a tapestry of shared experiences weaves us closer. Whether you seek a listening ear, a comforting virtual hug, or a place to celebrate small victories, you've found your tribe. Join us in this empowering sisterhood, where your well-being matters, and your path is illuminated by the wisdom and camaraderie of fellow remarkable women.more


仃 Pregnancy

You can consult me about your health, skin and hair more

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仃 Pregnancy

Following my own experience of Post Partum Depression I became a coach and online course creator to offer support to other families as they navigate the wonderful world of parenting 歹more

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I m a Prenatal & Postnatal Fitness Trainer, Reflexology Therapist, Aspiring Birth Doula. Educates pregnant family about the labor, birth, Breastfeeding, Golden hour Rituals and postpartum.more

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I am a mother and an educator in charter schools and ABC Youth Foundation. I host several podcast it's a huge passion of mine and I also produce I strongly feel that empathy is the glue of humanity and without it what do we have for understanding one another and being kind toward one another is what keeps Us human it's what makes it work and without it what can possibly get better you must hold on to that and remember and show it where it's needed so that people can know what it is and be able to show that same to others connecting and growing with others is within the foundations of empathy that's how the world gets better so we can understand we don't have to directly know one another we must be that change and it starts with us, we must be the change we want to see!more


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