We can't change the world, but we can create a better one for you

This is coto!

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A truly safe platform where women engage freely and unapologetically

With Facial Recognition Feature, we ensure that everyone who signs up on coto is or identifies as a woman

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Community Moderation Tools help you manage members, posts and discussions that are aligned with the community.

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Every community has a set of Established Guidelines and Rules to create and maintain a mutually respectful environment

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See something that goes against the vision of your community? Use Report and Block options to filter posts and members.

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Together we learn, together we grow

Q&A Feature

Ask questions and get answers from non-judgemental women groups who support and uplift each other in communities.

Find Like-Minded Women

Connect with your tribe who understand your journey and can offer support and guidance along the way.

Networking Opportunities

coto Collectives offer networking events, both online and offline, where you can connect with industry leaders, potential collaborators and mentors

Access Expert Advice

Through mentoring programs, webinars, and panel discussions, gain valuable insights and learn from experienced professionals

Join the empowering world of coto Collectives

Inspiration from the Mind director
Beauty talks by Dr. Mai
Maisan Etiquette by Dr. Manar
Meri Marzi

How women come together on coto

Come together with women who match your vibe!

Make new friends and discover the power of building communities

5,237+ Active communities on coto

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Purpose x Community

Top Creators

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Inspiration From The Mind Director

by Guinevere Ellis


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My Mental Wellness Journey

by Shweta Kawatra

Mental Health

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Zindagi with Richa

by Richa Aniruddh

Social Impact

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Beauty talks by Dr.Mai

by Dr Mai Magdy


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Maison Etiquette

by Dr Manar Barr



Discuss openly and unapologetically in your safe space

Menstrual Health

Mental Health

Sexual Wellness


Social Impact




and a lot more!

The more you participate, the more you earn

We believe in the power of community and active participation. As you engage and contribute to the platform, you earn coto Gains and get a seat at the head of the table.

Engage in Meaningful Discussions

Participate in discussions on the platform by sharing your opinions, joining conversations, sharing expertise and engaging with community members.

Bring Your Circle

Spread the word about coto and invite your circle to join. When women sign up using your referral link, you receive coto Gains for expanding your community.

Accelerate Your Growth

Already an existing creator with a huge following? Ascend to new heights with coto Tiers, a reward system that unlocks exclusive benefits based on your existing reach.

Build Together, Grow Together, Earn Together

coto Gains are digital assets that hold value and can be used for making digital payments within the coto app


Join the App. a safe, non-judgmental and truly empowering women-only space.


From sharing the love to inviting your circle to coto, for every action you take that supports the community, you earn coto Gains!


Connect with women, grow your tribe and get exclusive access to premium features, discounts, invites, and more!

Know more

See how much you can earn on coto

Number of women in your community

1,000 Members

*Earn up to

USD 24.36  /year

  1. The results are indicative for informational, marketing and reference purpose only.
  2. Actual earnings may be higher or lower than the estimates provided due to factors like content quality, member engagement, advertiser demand, consumer behavior, and market conditions.
  3. User's discretion advised

Why coto for creators?

Explore endless opportunities for monetization. Build your own marketplace.

Product and service commerce, brand partnerships and advertising

coto Gains (digital assets that can be used for payment)

Governance rights to Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)

coto OG NFT Badges

Earn from affiliate marketing

Content and marketing support

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come together

A women only community-building platform where creators, brands and agencies can own the platform and engage in purpose-driven conversations.

Early access program

coto Spotlight Program

Specially curated education series for women creators on community building and engagement, monetisation, digital marketing and more!

Become a creator
City Ambassador Program

Build a purposeful community for the women of your city, help find authentic recommendations and reviews, promote your services and business and find local support.

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coto uni

Your vibe will match your tribe! Want to be a pro at community building? Join us for exclusive course certifications, beginners entrepreneurship workshops and get top-notch job referrals.

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Brands & Publishers

Extend market reach, cater to a women-only audience, explore a wider content ecosystem, build advocacy, boost discovery and engagement.

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Agency Accelerator

Exclusive partnership program for agencies to monetize through women-only creators, increase engagement for brands, provide scale-up opportunities to monetise and get dedicated support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

coto stands for come together. We are a social community app built exclusively for women. Our platform is a safe space where users, creators, brands and agencies build, grow and earn together with other like minded women through purpose-driven conversations.