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🙏 Spirituality

*Dr. Parul Jasrotia* *Traveller - Entrepreneur - Vlogger - Volunteer – Researcher* A name that has decided to express her Himalayan love by orienting her career towards travel and vlogging. She quit Corporate and Govt. jobs to pursue travel. TRAVEL TALES INDIA is the name given to her venture that aims at providing information of various destinations by way of vlogging, group tours and social media. With an experience of 14 years in travelling, She is Doctorate in Tourism with special area of interest in Spiritual Tourism, Volunteer Tourism, Sustainable tourism practices and Community Development. Besides that, She has done three Master degrees - Masters in Tourism Management, Masters in Marketing Management and M Phil in Tourism Management respectively. Recently she has been chosen as J &K State President for Women's Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (WICCI) Rural Tourism Council. From riding on the roads of Ladakh to trekking on Frozen Zanskar (CHADAR TREK) in minus 25 temperature to purely self reliant overlanding trip in Zanskar Valley are the most adventurous and enthralling experiences till date. Apart from this, she has a YouTube channel named “Travel Tales India” and also runs travel groups with a special focus on women travel. Besides, she frequently highlight the issues like plastic waste, sustainability, mountains' vulnerability and like through her writing or short videos. She is an explorer and founder at Team Travel Tales India LLP with a special focus on Adventure Tours, Women oriented trips and Volunteer trips. Being a Jammuite, special attention has been given to unexplored tourism of Jammu region. You can check out so many unexplored places of Jammu on her youtube channel. Besides that, a special fort series has been run by her to showcase the tourism potential of Jammu's heritage sites. Homestay concept in one of the hill stations of Jammu has been initiated by her in the form of Travel Tales Eco Stay, Sanasar, Jammu.

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