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Need new frnd in my lyf

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Supportanswered 58 days ago

you've found the right place. we are all 3 am friends toneach other here..

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Sometimes I just crave alone time, even though I love spending time with my boyfriend. I feel a bit guilty about it, but I can't help it. Is it bad to want some alone time in a relationship, or is it totally normal?
need space is necessary for each and every relationship and over protected or over possassive to someone gives you irritiation, if a relationship is like all time with them it is a toxic relationship dear so give him space and take some space
mera bf mujhe chod kr chala gaya h
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my problem my bf disappointed me
Hii. I am a clinical psychologist and would love to help you out. I am sorry that you feel disappointed in your boyfriend. I'd love to talk to you and discuss more on how you are feeling and the matter. Feel free to join in on a live session.
How he disapoints you?
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I had lost in love..I want to come back from this
yes maam I have a question
Hello Dear. I'm a Consultant Psychologist and Sexual Health Expert. It is possible to get through it, i would need more information on what's been happening. It must be a difficult place to be in, I will come on my live tomorrow at 12 pm and let me help you.
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before 5 month my break up was happened with my bf so right now I want to know he will come to me or not
can I help me please
mai baby yadav
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my boyfriend is thinking that I am cheating him and I am not I love him so much. i can't handle this situation and I need him a lot. I need to know will he come back to me and seriously without him I dnt have life
Hi Dear. I'm a Consultant Psychologist and Reproductive Health Expert. I understand how much you are feeling low and dejected. But I believe this isn't healthy for you. It seems like a trauma response and I would want to know why you believe you can't live without him. Do join my live sessions and connect with me.
than I will answer you
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will he come back? will he speaks to me? will he harm me? will he marry me?
main meri shaadi love marriage hogi ya arrange marriage hogi
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Is it healthy to spend time everyday with your boyfriend?? Will it not eventually lead to falling out of love or falling short of love for each other??
It's good to spend your time with your boyfriend. And you have to be independent before moving forward. share your qualification in my WhatsApp number +919435110521
Hello Dear. I'm a Consultant Psychologist and Sexual Health Expert. It is healthy as long as you both have a life outside of you and healthy quality time. You need boundaries and space so it's not like you will fall out of love because of spending time everyday but also have a life outside of you. Hope that answers!
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meri life me love relationship kab shuru hoga aur kis month se shuru hoga mera love relationship kab tak chalega. mera love love relationship kaisa rahega. love partner ka nature kaisa hoga. kaisi hogi
mare bf mare life m Kab waps aa gy
Mara bf mare life Kab was aa gya
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I’m curious about how many couples who break up actually get back together. What percentage of couples get back together after breaking up? Is it common, or are the odds pretty low? I’m hoping to get a sense of whether reconciliation is a realistic possibility or just a rare occurrence.
Hi there, i am a clinical psychologist and would love to answer this question. While the exact percentage of the couples who get back together can vary(40-50%). Factors influencing this include the reason for the breakup, the length of the relationship and the effort both parties are willing to put in to address these issues. Reconciliation requires mutual respect, open communication and commitment to change. Hope this helps and if you have any more queries, I'd love to chat on a live session. See you!
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دكتور اعرف منين ان هو ده الشخص الصح
اهلا وسهلا عزيزتى جميله كوتو 🥰 اختيار شريك الحياة قرار مصيري ومحتاجة تشوفى هل ف توافق فى جميع النواحى ( الاقتصادية والاجتماعية والثقافية والقيم والمبادئ والاحتياجات الخ) ف اسئله لتساعدك انك تحاوبى عليها والطرف الآخر علشان نشوف مدى توافق الزواج منتظراك ف الكومينتى الخاص بيا (لأجل حياه تستحق أن تعاش) واللايف كل يوم من الساعه ١١ص ١ظ ٣ظ ماعدا الاحد والاربعاء ٣ظ ٥م ٨م معاك مها اسماعيل معالج نفسى اكلينيكى
اهلاً يا جميله 🌸 معاكي علياء احمد أخصائي نفسي الشخص الصح بيبان من تصرفاتنا وبتحسي بالأمان والراحه من خلال حبه حاجات زي مثلا تقدري تعبري عن الي مضايقك بدون قلق بتتكلمي وتشاركي كل احتياجاتك والشخص الآخر بردو بيشاركك التواصل بيكون مستمر ومناسب وفي نفس الوقت كل واحد ليه خصوصيات ومساحه خاصة بيه تقدري تتابعيني علي اللايف يوميا من الساعه ٨ للساعه ١٣ وكمان علي mental health talk اتمنالك يوم لطيف ☺️

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Hello Everyone. My name is Mary Ann. I'm a Reproductive Health Psychologist and an expert in dealing with issues related to trauma, anxiety and sexual dysfunctions. I have 7 years of experience working with many major hospitals like Christian Medical College Hospital, Vellore and seen 1000+ cases. I was also a panelist with 'Indian Fertility Society'. I undertake sex therapy, couple's therapy and individual psychotherapy. I was working with the IVF center in addressing sexual health related issues, relationships issues, anxiety and fertility-related concerns such as pain related to endometriosis, PCOS etc. My therapeutic approach involve psychodynamic framework, trauma based conceptualization and other evidence-based treatment. Feel free to follow my live sessions and consult with me for any of the concerned issue. You can also talk to me in Hindi, Tamil and English.more

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