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We are a safe space for women to come together

coto is a #WomenForWomen platform where women engage within communities, monetise on their efforts and grow with the platform.

Spotlight Program: Unleash your creativity

A transformative program that supports and empowers women creators to drive positive change, build a powerful women-only community as a collective, and earn from it.


Build, Grow and Make Money

coto Community Creator Journey

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Unlock the power of collectives

Building stronger communities together with coto Collectives

Join forces

Collaborate with other women creators in a collective

Amplify impact

Reach wider audiences collectively

Shared Efforts

Divide tasks, multiply impact

Earn collectively

Increase financial rewards together

Mutual assistance with shared responsibilities

Mutual assistance and responsibility

Maximise earnings

Earn from brand sponsorships, get free access to paid courses, live commerce, paid community and more!

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Curate multiple brands and earn listing fees

Brand advocacy through live commerce

Setup your own private label

Earn from affiliate marketing content

Earn via platform fees, ads and promotions

Make money through sale commissions from multiple brands

Benefit from multiple revenue streams from creator owned marketplaces

Seamless product and service commerce, brand partnerships and advertising

Benefit from multiple revenue streams from creator owned marketplaces

Seamless product and service commerce, brand partnerships and advertising

Level Up Your Community

coto's recipe to success

Accelerated Community Growth

Targeted support, resources and opportunities tailored to your aspirations.

Expert's Guidance and Mentorship

Receive valuable insights and strategies to fuel the success of your community.

Access to Exclusive Opportunities

Get access to expert-led workshops, networking events to expand your network and industry insights.

Monetization Opportunities

Effectively leveraging your community to generate revenue.

In the spotlight

Our Mentors

Geetika Sasan Bhandari's picture
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Geetika Sasan Bhandari

Writer and Editor, Founder, Let's Raise Good Kids

Dr. Michelle Frank's picture
LinkedIn iconTwitter icon
Dr. Michelle Frank

FemTech Enthusiast and Women's Health Advocate

Shriyanka Sharma's picture
LinkedIn icon
Shriyanka Sharma

Fashion Stylist

Aparna Acharekar's picture
LinkedIn iconTwitter icon
Aparna Acharekar

Co-Founder, coto

Poorvi Gupta's picture
LinkedIn iconTwitter icon
Poorvi Gupta

Content Professional & Ex-Journo

Jyothi Srinivas's picture
LinkedIn iconTwitter icon
Jyothi Srinivas

Seasoned Media Professional

Vaishali Vaishnav's picture
LinkedIn iconTwitter icon
Vaishali Vaishnav

Founder, Multitasking Mommies

Ankita Gupta's picture
LinkedIn icon
Ankita Gupta

CEO & Founder of Digitactix

Vanshika Sharma's picture
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Vanshika Sharma

Senior Content Professional (ex - ZEE5, JioStudios)

Anuya Chakravarthi's picture
LinkedIn iconTwitter icon
Anuya Chakravarthi

Marketing & Communications Expert (ex - ZEE5, BIG FM)

Vishakha Singh's picture
LinkedIn iconTwitter icon
Vishakha Singh

Media Producer, Entrepreneur, Web 3.0 Advocate

Bhagya Kanwar Chauhan's picture
LinkedIn iconTwitter icon
Bhagya Kanwar Chauhan

Marketing & Community, Ex - WazirX

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