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A safe space for women to come together

We are a #WomenForWomen platform where women engage within communities, monetise on their efforts and grow with the platform.

What is coto uni?

coto uni is an initiative for students to build their college communities on what matters to them, in a judgement-free, and safe space where they can be themselves!

Why build a coto uni community?

The future is female — but it is also inclusive, authentic, exciting, and free. So, why not create a vibrant place where you can have fun, engage in open conversations around taboos, and build connections for life?

Have you built your coto uni community today?

Who is an ideal coto uni Ambassador?

If you feel like your voice is important, you want to find your gang, and are passionate about young women's issues, then you are an ideal coto uni Ambassador.

Relationships, mental health, careers, periods, personal wellness, money — talk about things you want to, in a space that's all yours.

Become a coto uni ambassador

Level up your skills

The right opportunity is just a sign-up away

Safe Space

Your college community that's all about you and your peers!

Learning Opportunities

Upskill through workshops, sessions from industry experts, mentorship — and certification for your CV!

Social Media Spotlight

Take the opportunity to get your ideas and content seen by more people through our social media channels and get featured across all of them.

Kickstart Your Career

Whether you're looking to land an internship, score a killer job, or start your own hustle, we've got your back.

Exponential Growth

Realise your dreams of being a future creator as we promote you on the platform, invite you to coto events and connect you with like-minded women.

A sneak peek into your journey as a coto uni ambassador

Come Together

Bring young women in your college together in your college communities on coto

Build Together

Promote your community across different channels through your college network

Create Together

Implement content strategies for your community and our social media channels

The coto uni program is as exclusive as you are!

We are on the lookout for someone with big dreams and the ability to turn them into reality.


Bright and young people between ages 16-23


Must be pursuing a diploma or degree course from any college or university


Must aspire to be the next big video content creator.


Should be an active networker and participant in cultural festivals


Should be social media savvy with a public presence on platforms

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