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by Jebunisa on Feb 21, 2024

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Hi 👋 guys here I will provide tarot readings to you guys.I have an experience of 3 years of working on platforms.Hope I can guide you through thick and thin.💖💐

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"As Lalita, betrayal in the past has left me wary of trusting again. Can the tarot cards offer guidance on rebuilding trust in relationships?" @Jebunisa

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دكتور هي اي صفات الشخصيه النرجسيه
لما بتدخلي علاقة مع شخص نرجسي اول فترة بتبقى ولا حكايات ديزني وحب ودبيب اوڤر وكأنه مفيهوش غلطة وبيبقى في مشاعر كتير اوي وحب مدلدق في كل حتة وتزييف لمدى عمق العلاقة والحميمة اللي فيها لما يلاقي الشخص اللي معاه اتعلق بيه يبتدي يقلل منه وينتقده ويدمر ثقته في نفسه بالتدريج وواحدة واحدة عشان ماتحسيش باللي بيحصل ويشكك في نفسك انك بيتهيقلك انه بينتقدك ويرميلك شوية حب يصبرك وبعدين يعزلك عن كل الناس اللي كانت قريبة منك وبتحبك ويحسسك ان محدش بيحبك غيره ولما خلاص طاقتك تخلص وتقرري تقفيله بيقلب الترابيزة انك كنتي بتخدعيه وعمرك ما حبيتيه وعشان كدة لازم يسيبك ويدور على حد تاني يلعب عليه اللعبة دي تاني
هاللو يا مي الشخصية النرجسية شخصية مركبة ومعقدة جدا الشخص النرجسي بيشوف نفسه احسن من كل اللي حواليه وان مفيش حد زيه بيشوف انه الاذكى والاشطر والافضل في كل حاجة وان الناس كلها لازم تحس انها محظوظة بمعرفته بيحاول يأكد افضليته عن الناس التانية بإنه ينتقدهم ويوبخهم ويقلل منهم ويقلل ثقتهم في نفسهم بيكون عايز العينين كلها عليه ومش شتيفة غيره وبيغضب جدا لو مش هو مركز الاهتمام والمدح مش بيتقبل النقد وبيرد عليه بالغضب والاهانة والتجريح من انه دائم النقد للناس اللي حواليه دايما شتيف نفسه الضحية وان الناس جاية عليه وهو في الواقع بيجرح كل الناس بيتفنن في قلب الترابيزة وانه يسقط كل اخطائه وعيوبه على اللي قدامه لحد ما اللي قدامه يعتذرله وساعتها يبتزه عاطفيا قبل ما يقبل اعتذاره
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hi, I'm a tarot card reader. looking to help people and expand as well. how do I do that? #tarotreadersofinstagram #tarotcardreading
you can helppeople on coto!
Very well, you can help people here by answering there queries
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I’ve been vibing with spirituality lately. Can you astro-hack my chart 4/12/1996 to uncover any cosmic connections and guide me on my spiritual journey?
Hi u can connect with me on live session so we can discuss more details about u.meanwhile go for north east direction spend some time there
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I feel disconnected from my intuition. How can astrology help me reconnect with my inner wisdom and trust my instincts? @rjvaishi
*correction of typo error: 3rd house of your natal chart signifies intuition n inner mind.
you need to make your moon strong by meditating. the third house in a person Astrology signifies intuition. so one needs to have more details to help you with anything specific on your mind. also we need to check the situation of the moon n mercury in your chart, if any malefic is currently transiting over it which could disconnect your from your natural instincts n intuition. meditation is the way to help you with your inner mind.
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need some tarrot suggestion
you can connect with me. and get and to all of your questions.
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I've been experiencing recurring dreams and visions. What do these experiences signify astrologically, and how can I interpret their messages? @rjvaishi
also you need to mention what are these dreams so that one is able to help you interpret them. there are all kinds of negative energies around so to keep your mind still n strong you must mediate. whichever kind suits you. you need to make your mind strong so that you can combat any unwanted energy.
dreams are usually related to what's currently happening in your life. they are either about your ambitions n goals or your deepest darkest fears. whatever it may be is something on the top of your mind that in your consciousness you keep aside. it's not often linked to something to do with your past life or so unless you see something peculiar like for example snakes and you are having recurring dreams with respect to the same. usually it's your aspirations, ambitions n fears. don't worry. regular meditation can help you overcome any anxiety.
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I just went through a cosmic glow-up in my life. Can you break down the astro vibes of this shift and help me navigate my new cosmic chapter? @ShagunKSingh_Satvatma
Ya of course.give us more details and connect with me in my live sessions so we can discuss more about this deeper
I too don't have any idea about it, would definitely want to know
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What advice do the cards or stars offer for manifesting abundance and success in all areas of my life @AstrologerVaishali
To attract abundance one must have a heart full of gratitude, do seva or serve others without expectations or wanting returns, donate as per one's capacity with the intention to be of help, respect pitris (perform the related puja's) n elders/ forefathers, pray at your kuldev/kuldevi temple at your native place regularly... visit it at least once every year with family. and fulfil or keep the promises made by your family or kul to the deity. these are sure- shot remedies to ensure abundance n success in every sphere not just for yourself but for your family too.
The cards or stars suggest focusing on gratitude, setting clear intentions, and taking consistent action towards your goals. Stay open to opportunities, trust your intuition, and maintain a positive mindset. Practice self-care and surround yourself with supportive people. Lastly, believe in yourself and your abilities to manifest abundance and success in all areas of your life.
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My vibes have been off, and I’m wondering if the stars are throwing shade on my health. Can you spill any astro insights on how to level up my wellness game?
Hi pls elaborate what kind of problem r u facing against health.u can connect me on live session so we can discuss more about it
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I'm considering relocating to a new city. What does my astrological chart suggest about the compatibility of different locations with my energy? @Jebunisa
though astrology doesnt provide such info,you can start by providing your details first!
Astrology can highlight personality traits, but it doesn't pinpoint ideal cities. Consider practical factors like job opportunities and personal preferences when choosing a location.

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At Satvatma, we believe in tapping into the strength of the higher force by embracing goodness, positivity, and virtuousness – qualities associated with the essence of "sattva." Led by Shagun K. Singh, our services encompass a holistic approach to personal and spiritual growth, offering Past Life Regression, Numerology, Astrology, Positive Parenting, Relationship Assessments, and more. As a certified Spiritual Life Coach, Numerologist, and Healer, Shagun guides individuals on a journey of serenity and fulfillment. The certified courses, including Magnified Healing and Akashic Tarot, empower individuals to enhance their well-being. Join us at Satvatma to explore the transformative power of aligning with sattva, unlocking wisdom, and navigating life's complexities with grace. Shagun is not just a founder; she's your guide on the path to a more enlightened and fulfilled life. 🌟more

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I am a psychic & a clairvoyant with an experience of over 15 yrs. I founded a unique holistic & metaphysical space TOM - Temple Of Miracles in mumbai that has served over 10000+ clients and has been awarded 5 times. we cater to the spiritual & mental health with our budget friendly & authentic wellness products & one to one healing & holistic therapies. I have recently co - founded our ecom site TOH - Temple of HOPE that caters to spiritual & wellness health for everyone in & outside mumbai all at your fingertips. I always dreamt of being a part of a harry potter school where magic and miracles happen everyday not knowing that I would be the one to create something like it. TOM(Temple of Miracles) is a metaphysical space that provides a safe and a healing environment for everyone who wishes to discover themselves and take a break from the hustle bustle of life . We come with no judgement and a solution to your every problem. In my free time I love to travel and discover new cultures, listen to music, dance and socialise. I am also a big foodie and love to experiment with different cusines (just like i experiment with different magical tools that will satisfy your spiritual hunger) I want to aim to help everyone balance their lives through meditation and use spirituality and magic as a part of their daily lives, introducing them to easy yet highly effective tools & products.more

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Purvanjali Agarwal sole parent of two beautiful & blessed souls Living in Ahmedabad by qualification MBA but by profession home chef running cloud kitchen. #Intitutive with Numbers - let's talk about Numbers #Not a advocate by profession or qualifications but have an 8 years of experience fighting for her matrimonial as well children rights in Indian legal system on her own.more


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