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Mental Health

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Breaking barriers  community profile picture
Mental Health

Talk it out loud my love... Lets Break the barriers and Experience the flavours of absolute FREEDOM from.... Body shame Lifestyle diseases Relationship toxicity Emotional abuse Social harassment Financial dependency Sexual taboos Spiritual myths more

Fark覺ndal覺k Yolculuu community profile picture
Mental Health

襤nsan覺n en yak覺n覺 kendisidir ve insan en 癟ok i癟indeki sesi duyar. Bu y羹zden i癟 sesin efkatli olmas覺, sal覺kl覺 olmas覺 癟ok 繹nemli. Bu k繹e senin kendiliinle ba kurman, zihnini anlaman, yaama farkl覺 bir pencereden bakman i癟in burada. Bazen zorlan覺r覺z, bunal覺r, y覺pran覺r覺z. 襤te b繹yle anlarda minik bir kol denei, g羹venilir bir dost omuzu olmas覺 i癟in fark覺ndal覺k yolculuu burada. Senin sana d繹n羹羹n, d繹n羹羹m羹n kutlu olsun c璽n覺m kad覺n ! more

Happine with doaa community profile picture
Mental Health

堻塈堶 塈 堛奡塈 媢塈堿 堥塈 塈塈塈 塈媢塈堿 塈媢堭 塈堻 堛塈堭 堛媟堥塈堛 堛堹堭堥塈堛 媯 塈 塈堻媢塈堹 媢堭 塈堸塈堛 Safe space for healing, art and color therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, exercises and applications, training to reach happiness and self-knowledge.more

My Favourite Mistakes community profile picture
Mental Health

Expect this ground to be your comfort zone helping you build a strong emotional and mental background. We pay the utmost priority to mental health here and intend to spread the word. Feel free to talk about just anything here no one would judge you rather appreciate you for being you! more

鄐桌冗鄐兒元鄐賴 鄐詮鄐菽中鄐鄐戈鄐啤中鄐 鄐鄍 鄐鄐 community profile picture
Mental Health

鄐鄐耜 鄐眇鄐 鄐鄐啤鄐 鄐戈尹鄐擒今 鄐鄐 鄐眇冗鄐鄐潼冗鄐, 鄐鄐 鄐鄐鄐, 鄐桌冗鄐兒元鄐賴 鄐詮鄐菽中鄐鄐戈鄐啤中鄐 鄐鄍 鄐鄐!鄐鄍鄐能冗 鄐戈尹鄐擒今, 鄐鄐賴鄐戈冗 鄐鄐 鄐桌冗鄐兒元鄐賴 鄐詮鄐菽冗鄐詮鄐丞鄐 鄐鄍 鄐眇冗鄐啤 鄐桌鄐 鄐眇冗鄐 鄐鄐啤尹鄍 鄐鄍 鄐鄍鄐菽冗鄐嫩凶鄐 鄐嫩? 鄐戈 鄐能允鄐擒 鄐嫩亢鄐擒什鄍 鄐鄐兒仆鄐擒鄐 鄐詮亢鄍鄐舟冗鄐 鄐桌鄐 鄐嗣冗鄐桌凶鄐 鄐嫩鄐! 鄐能允 鄐菽凶鄐嗣鄐 鄐詮鄐丞冗鄐 鄐嫩 鄐鄐嫩冗鄐 鄐嫩亢 鄐桌允鄐賴仆鄐擒鄐 鄐鄍 鄐眇鄐 鄐鄐鄐鄍鄐 鄐嫩鄐鄐 鄐鄐芹尹鄍 鄐桌冗鄐兒元鄐賴 鄐詮鄐菽冗鄐詮鄐丞鄐, 鄐戈尹鄐擒今 鄐芹鄐啤互鄐鄐抉尹 鄐鄐 鄐鄐賴鄐戈冗 鄐鄍 鄐眇冗鄐啤 鄐桌鄐 鄐鄍鄐鄐擒尹 鄐詮冗鄐鄐 鄐鄐啤中鄍 鄐嫩鄐鄍戈仁鄐嫩冗鄐 鄐戈鄐桌鄐嫩鄐 鄐桌凶鄐耜鄐鄐鄍 鄐詮云鄍鄐啤鄐鄐賴今 鄐鄐 鄐鄐兒鄐冢今鄍 鄐桌允鄐賴仆鄐擒鄐 鄐鄍 鄐鄐-鄐舟鄐詮什鄍 鄐鄐 鄐詮冗鄐 鄐舟鄐戈 鄐嫩鄐, 鄐詮亢鄐詮鄐能冗鄐鄐 鄐鄐 鄐詮亢鄐擒之鄐擒尹 鄐R鄐鄐R兮鄐戈 鄐嫩鄐 鄐鄐 鄐鄐 鄐詮鄐擒什鄐擒中鄍鄐桌 鄐桌冗鄐嫩鄐 鄐眇尹鄐擒尹鄍 鄐桌鄐 鄐桌丹鄐 鄐鄐啤中鄍 鄐嫩鄐鄍戈鄐耜, 鄐鄐芹鄍 鄐桌冗鄐兒元鄐賴 鄐詮鄐菽中鄐鄐戈鄐啤中鄐 鄐鄍 鄐能冗鄐戈鄐啤冗 鄐鄐 鄐嫩凶鄐詮鄐詮冗 鄐眇尹鄍鄐! 鄐鄐冢 鄐嗣冗鄐桌凶鄐 鄐嫩鄐 鄐鄐 鄐詮亢鄍鄐舟冗鄐 鄐鄍 鄐詮冗鄐 鄐戈冗鄐耜鄐耜鄐 鄐眇尹鄐擒鄐, 鄐詮鄐鄍鄐, 鄐鄐 鄐芹鄐啤鄐戈凶 鄐鄐啤鄐鄍more


Mental Health

Hey everyone, I am Nikita Dudani - practicing Psychotherapist and counselor. I specialise in working with children and adolscents and young adults. This group is a safe, warm, empathetic and understanding space where you are welcome to share, ask, and discuss anything related to mental health. Let us speak up, show up, and heal ourselves.more

Live stress free with Dr.Mona community profile picture
Mental Health

As A Psychologist I wish to address all the areas of our life which cause stress and anxiety in a women's life. Be it your own mental health, or that of your loved ones. Be it a parenting issue or a relationship issue. Here the focus will be on discussing simple solutions to uncomplicate life and live life stree free.more

鄐桌尹 鄐鄍 鄐眇冗鄐 遲 community profile picture
Mental Health

鄐鄐 鄐冢冗鄐鄐舟鄍 鄐冢什鄍 鄍鄐賴尹鄍鄐舟鄍 鄐桌鄐 鄐鄐芹尹鄍 鄐桌尹 鄐鄍 鄐眇冗鄐 鄐鄐啤尹鄍 鄐鄐 鄐詮亢鄐 鄐鄐賴元 鄐鄍 鄐芹冗鄐 鄐嫩? 鄐舟鄐詮什鄍鄐 鄐鄍 鄐桌尹 鄐鄍 鄐眇冗鄐 鄐詮鄐兒尹鄍 鄐鄐 鄐詮亢鄐 鄐鄐賴元 鄐鄍 鄐芹冗鄐 鄐嫩? 鄐鄐 鄐鄍 鄐桌鄐兒鄐鄐 鄐嫩鄐耜鄐 鄐鄍 鄐眇冗鄐啤 鄐桌鄐 鄐鄐 鄐詮 鄐眇鄐嫩中鄐 鄐鄍鄐 鄐兒允鄍鄐 鄐鄐擒尹 鄐詮鄐戈冗, 鄐鄐鄐能 鄐鄐 鄐詮鄐 鄐桌鄐 鄐詮冗鄐 鄐鄐耜鄐... 鄐桌尹 鄐鄍 鄐眇冗鄐 鄐鄐啤鄐...more

The Phoenix Tribe community profile picture
Mental Health

A safe place to discuss, what burns us out. Did you know that burnout is in built into our Culture? Lets normalize talking about it & how we can become more resilient, confident, focused & purpose driven. This is a non-judgmental space! 兩歹more

VibeUp- MentalHealth Matters community profile picture
Mental Health

Our overall mental health community is dedicated to creating a safe and inclusive space where individuals can come together to support, inspire, and uplift one another. We strive to foster a sense of belonging and understanding while promoting mental well-being, resilience, and personal growth.more

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I am your mother and an educated. I host several podcast it's a huge passion of mine and I also produce I strongly feel that empathy is the glue of humanity and without it what do we have for understanding one another and being kind of toward another and be never one another is what keeps Us human it's what makes it work and without it what can possibly get better you must hold on to that and remember and show it where it's needed so that people can know what it is and be able to show that same to others connecting and throwing with others is exactly embedded within the foundations of empathy that's how the world gets better so we can understand we don't have to directly know one another we must be that change and it starts with us nothing more nothing less we have to show and be the love of the worldmore






















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Earning Money

I can teach you how to turn your $150 into $4,500 in 2hours without interrupting your daily activities and it's 100% legitimate and secure TEXT ME IF YOU ARE INTERESTED FOR MORE INFORM WITH THE DETAILS BELOW TEXT SMS: +1 (318)607-0384 WHATSAPP NO: +1(828)5372724more