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by Kavya_r on Nov 10, 2023

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The community where women can talk about fantasies and stories openly without any judgement. You don't have to get yourself validated anytime you share something ❤️

🌶 Sexual Wellness

Divorced and back in the dating world after a long break. Feeling nervous and insecure. Any advice for single moms looking to date in India?

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Supportanswered 71 days ago

Id suggest going slow and first knowing what exactly are your current needs and priorities

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Hey! This is shruti I was there in a relationship for like 1 month with one boy called soham we were having a good relationship and one day all of the sudden he texted me that I think I'll have to breakup with you so I asked why then he said that my sister read our chats and she said that if you won't breakup right now then I'll tell this to your parents soo that's why we'll have to breakup that time I was like ok fine we'll then breakup but after that we were good friends and he used to talk nicely with me till now but from last month I don't know why he is ignoring me and like it was always me who used first send him hi message and he never used to start the conversation before he said that we'll be bestfriend but then why was he showing me that he is not even interested in talking with me before he used to talk nicely but then now he is not even messaging me and even I'm not texting him hi Hey! Why is my ex-boyfriend suddenly ignoring me after being friends? He used to initiate conversations before, but now he doesn't even message me. What could be the reason behind this change?
Hi Shruti 👋 I can understand this is a difficult phase for you... there may be many reasons on why is he ignoring you. I don't want to jump on to the conclusion that he was faking or possibly some infidelity issues. May be he has some real reasons to avoid you. If you want to know how to cope with the entire situation and how to know what is he upto please reach out to me in live sessions. -- Dr. Samadrita Saha, Consultant Psychologist
maybe he just lost feelings..
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How to make a man fall for me 🙂
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kese hogi bto
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I've been seeing a man since 5 months . we're in long distance and haven't met yet. he was super sweet and loving but a couple of weeks ago he stopped wishing me good morning and stopped the random cute messages he used to send me . when I confronted him he didn't give me any clarification. he kept on saying I love talking to you and I want to talk to you but it's on you if you don't want to talk to me . we argued a little and stopped talking. he's still making a snap streak with me though. what should I do ? I can't stop thinking about all the cute and loving things he used to say to me initially. I feel pathetic. but I don't want to break the no contact myself. I want him back. I love him . please suggest
Hello there! I am a clinical psychologist and would love to help you with this situation. It's understandable to feel confused and hurt by the sudden change in his behavior. Since you care deeply for him and want to reconnect, consider reaching out calmly and expressing your feelings clearly. Let him know how his sudden withdrawal has affected you and seek clarity on his feelings and intentions. It’s important to understand whether he is truly committed or if his interest has waned. Give him space to respond honestly without pressure. Reflect on whether his actions align with your emotional needs and if the relationship can provide the mutual support and affection you desire. Prioritizing open communication is key to resolving this uncertainty and determining the future of your relationship. Hope this helps. Would love to see you in one of my life sessions
Jo log aise krte h wo aapko bs manipulate kr रहे h... abhi time h Jane do usko... wrna toxic relationship me fns jaogi trust me.... aur b jyada muskie हो jayega niklna....
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5/12/1999 wanna ask about love life
you can join my live at 12 connect with me via call And know the answers to all your questions. Shriiya Shukla Tarot Expert at CoTo
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will my lover come back for me?
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اخواته وقرايبه البنات حاطيني في دماغهم بيتكلموا عني وحش مع بعض ويتريقوا عليا مع اني معملتش لي حد فيهم اي حاجه ولا حتي بنتعامل مع بعض مش عارفه اعمل ليهم ايه بجد!!
اهلاً بيكي يا جميله 🌸 فهمت من كلامك انك بتشعري بالحزن وأنك متضايقه من التصرفات الغير ناضجه دي خلينا نهتم في البدايه بيكي وبمشاعرك وازاي تتخلصي من الشعور السلبي دا، هقولك حبه نصايح حاولي تجرّبيها في البدايه لما حد يتكلم معاكي بشكل غير منصف وفي اي نوع من أنواع الاساءه عبري عن رفضك لدا بشكل مهذب وممكن تسيبي المكان كمان متحاملين تخلطي بين الأشخاص دول وبين علاقتك بالشخص الي انت مرتبطه بيه كمان تقدري تطوري من أسلوبك واشتغلي علي نفسك من خلال تنميه الثقه بنفسك وتنمّيه المهارات الاجتماعيه تقدري تتواصلي معايا علي اللايف كل يوم ماعدا الجمعه الساعه ٨. ، ١٠، ١١، كمان تقدري تتابعيني علي mental health talk مستنياكي يا جميله🥰 اتمنالك يوم لطيف ☺️
اهلا وسهلا بيكي ♥️ معاكي سيلڤيا معالج نفسي وعضو اتحاد المعالجين النفسيين العرب تقدري تشرفيني فال community بتاعتي the healing journey احب اقولك حاجة صغيرة لو انا عندي مشكله اني بحب اقلل من الناس او اتريق عليهم او اقول كلام مش حقيقي فالعيب فيا ولا فاللي بتكلم عليه؟! فالحل اني اقوي ثقتي بنفسي واشفق عليهم اهلا وسهلا بيكي فاللايف بتاعي الحد الجاي الساعه ٧م لو تحبي تدخلي call معايا نتكلم اكتر واساعدك اكتر دمتي جميله زي ما انتي ♥️
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hi I like one boy he likes me but he is not giving commitment
first be financially independent before moving forward share your qualification in my WhatsApp number for+919435110521 for work from home opportunity
If someone is not willing to commit in a relationship then how about not forcing that person!? because under pressure commitment may not survive long... enjoy the phase, however, communicate about your expectations from the relationship. If you want to learn to get into that difficult conversation call me in my live sessions.
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اعرف منين اني بحبو ؟
اهلا حبوبتى 🥰 معنى كلمه الحب معنى شامل وعام وانك تعرفى شخص بعينه وغالبا بشكل عاطفى محتاج تسالى نفسك ف جوانب كتير هل متناسب معايا أفكاره بشكل نسبى ولا لاء القيم قريبه من بعض ولا لاء الشكل الجسدى ف قبول بالنسبالك ولا لاء تصرفاته أو سلوكه مقبول ولا فيه معالم إيذاء اتعاملت ف مواقف وكان رد فعله بالنسبالك لطيف وهنا لازم تسالى نفسك الاول هى ايه احتياجاتى من الطرف الآخر وهل الطرف الآخر بيبادلنى الشعور ده بعمق ولا بشكل سطحى لان ده هيرد ع سؤالك وقتها هل انا بحبه ولا مجرد اعجاب سطحى فقط دمتى بخير وود 🥰
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The relationship is not going well when will everything be alright between us
amer kar satha bia hoba
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will he come back? will he speaks to me? will he harm me? will he marry me?
main meri shaadi love marriage hogi ya arrange marriage hogi

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"Hey There! I am Pragya Arora, a Senior Psychologist, specialising in clinical psychology. Having worked in Australia and beyond, I've had the privilege of working with diverse populations, guiding countless individuals through tough times towards brighter days. If you're feeling lost in the storm of life, struggling to find your way out. I see you, I hear you, and I'm here for you. Know this: you're not alone. For over 5 years, I've made it my life's mission to help folks just like you reclaim their power, find their voice, and live lives filled with happiness and purpose. I'm all about keeping it real - whether it's stress, relationship challenges, or just needing someone to talk to, I've got your back. Together. we're a tribe of warriors, and I'll be right there with you as you navigate the battlefield of your mind and heart. No judgment, no shame, just unwavering support as you rewrite your story. Ready to take the first step towards a happier, healthier you? Reach out today, and let's start this journey together. 🌿✨"more

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Hello Everyone. My name is Mary Ann. I'm a Reproductive Health Psychologist and an expert in dealing with issues related to trauma, anxiety and sexual dysfunctions. I have 7 years of experience working with many major hospitals like Christian Medical College Hospital, Vellore and seen 1000+ cases. I was also a panelist with 'Indian Fertility Society'. I undertake sex therapy, couple's therapy and individual psychotherapy. I was working with the IVF center in addressing sexual health related issues, relationships issues, anxiety and fertility-related concerns such as pain related to endometriosis, PCOS etc. My therapeutic approach involve psychodynamic framework, trauma based conceptualization and other evidence-based treatment. Feel free to follow my live sessions and consult with me for any of the concerned issue. You can also talk to me in Hindi, Tamil and English.more

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Greetings, My name is Honey Agrawal - a Counseling Psychologist practising for more than 6 years in the field of mental health. I have completed my Masters in Counseling psychology and Intensive Training in Clinical Psychotherapy Diploma. With over 10000+ hours of working on field and being a Covid Warrior, I have learnt problems will always be there but the change lies in Perception and Will power. I have dealt with children, adolscents and adults and families extensively during my practice. My strength lies in therapy with people dealing with depression, anxiety, emotional and behavioural concerns, grief and trauma alongwith Couple counseling. In cases with Narcissitic personality disorder, infidelity or communication gaps between couples are my interests and forte in young or midle aged couples. My core belief with couples lies in the fact that every relationship will have a fight but one must know "how" to fight and hence I am here to educate the right skills of communication in any relationship. I am a firm believer of the fact that this world can accomodate and has a place for each and everyone. All we need to do is find our RIGHT place. As a women bought up in an Asian culture, I value collectivistic approach to life but from my learning in this life I believe strengthening Self concept is the foundation for any healthy relationship. With this, I would like to welcome you all and look forward to connect with each of you so as to we find our tribe and make even a small though significant difference in this life.more

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"You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them." – Maya Angelou. Welcome! My name is Niharika Bisht and I have been a clinical psychologist for over a year with a strong foundational practice of over 2000 hours in evidence based therapy, in English and Hindi, which are always client centered, putting YOU as the priority. My compassion comes with the caliber of providing the tools for you to navigate their struggles and challenges. I would love to be a catalyst for an impact whether you're dealing with event-based or long-term depression, social or personal anxiety, neurological disorders such as autism or epilepsy, or relationship issues involving friends or in-laws. Building a therapeutic relationship on trust, empathy, and respect is my priority. Together, we'll explore your strengths, address challenges, and build resilience. I'm here to help you find clarity, develop healthy coping strategies, and create meaningful change. I fiercely look forward for you to join me in a live session so that we can understand how we can go forward together, gain new perspectives and be the best version of ourselves we always knew we could, please remember you're not alone and you alone are capable.Hope to see you soon.more

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لو بتمري بمشكلة نفسيةأو جنسية أو مش عارفة تتعاملي بشكل سوي وتبني علاقات صحية سواء مع نفسك أو أهلك أو شريك حياتك أو أنتي في علاقة مؤذية ومش عارفة تخرجي منها بأمان ، ولو محتاجة تحسني علاقاتك الانسانية مع الآخرين وتغيري حياتك للأفضل أنا معاكم د. رشا عمر إخصائي العلاج النفسي والزواجي والجنسي والإرشاد الأسري عشان أساعدك تحافظي على جودة حياتك وعلى أسرتك وتحققي السعادة الزوجية مع شريك حياتك وتتمتعي بصحة نفسية جيدة وتكوني قادرة على حل مشاكلك ومواجهتها بعزيمة وقوة وكمان تقدري تتعاملي مع ولادك بشكل سوي وذلك باستخدام أفضل الأساليب العلاجية العالمية مثل العلاج المعرفي السلوكي والعلاج الجدلي السلوكي والعلاج بالقبول والالتزام والعلاج المعرفي السلوكي الزواجي والعلاج الجنسي باستخدام إستراتيجيات ماسترز وجونسون🌷🥰 صحتك وراحتك النفسية هي الأساس عندنا🌹😍 الشهادات العلمية والخبرة العملية حاصلة على ماجستير علم النفس الاجتماعي كلية الآداب جامعة القاهرة باحثة دكتوراة في علم النفس الاجتماعي الإكلينيكي كليةالآداب جامعة القاهرة خبيرة نفسية بمحكمة الأسرة خبرة عملية ١٦ سنه حاصلة على دورة العلاج المعرفي السلوكي من معهد الصحة النفسية AIMH حاصلة على دورة العلاج الجدلي السلوكي من مؤسسة لايت هاوس للطب النفسي حاصلة على دورة العلاج بالقبول والالتزام من الجمعية المصرية للعلاج المعرفي السلوكي حاصلة على دورات متخصصة في مختلف الاضطرابات النفسية حاصلة على دورة الارشاد الزواجي من مركز الدراسات النفسية جامعةالقاهرة حاصلة على دورة العلاج المعرفي السلوكي الزواجي من المؤسسة المصرية للعلاجات النفسية التكاملية والعلاج الزواجي حاصلة على دورة العلاج الجنسي من مؤسسة دكتور عادل مدني للطب النفسي والجنسي حضور ورش متخصصه في قياس مختلف الاضطرابات النفسية عضو رابطة الاخصائيين النفسين رانم مصرmore

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Welcome to our page! Here, we believe in fostering healthy and fulfilling relationships. Whether you're seeking guidance on finding love, navigating a long-term partnership, or dealing with a challenging situation, we're here to support you every step of the way.Feel free to post your queries in the community and I will help you out to the best of my knowledge!more

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रिश्ते हमारी जिंदगी का सबसे अहम हिस्सा होते हैं। अक्सर कई सवाल और बातें अनकही रह जाती है क्योंकि हमें सही जगह नहीं मिलती अपनी मन की बात करने के लिए। यह कम्युनिटी हम सबको उन बातों और सवालों से मिलाने के लिए है जो हम पल पल पर अपने अंदर ही दबाते रहते हैं ताकि हमारे रिश्ते खूबसूरती से निभाते रहे।more

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Let's talk about love, life, relationships, fitness and other essentialities of our existence. U can message me, discuss, share experiences, suggest and reach out if u need help as I can coach u for leading a contented life.more

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Hi everyone my self is Sonia my community is basically for those who want to share something which they can't share with parents friends or with any relative ,we are here to listen you be free to talk to us about your emotions about how you feel and what you want to do who exactly you are and what you have in your mind , we are open to hear you from our heart and we also create special moments for those who want to do something special for their loved ones we create special moments for everyone who want to make some memorable moments with his or her special ones either friends family or love of your life you say and we create it ......more


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