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by aabha_rawattt on Aug 14, 2023

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कैसे महिलाएं घर से अपना खुद का व्यवसाय शुरू कर सकती हैं और आर्थिक रूप से स्वतंत्र हो सकती हैं💵

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what is this coto app how to use thisplease I want clear answer
hii dear, this is a women empowerment platform where you can meet with experts and ask questions from them, there are specific communities also
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I've heard about tracking steps for fitness, but how do I actually make it fun and not just another chore? Any cool apps or gadgets you recommend that won't break the bank ?
For those interested in more comprehensive fitness tracking, devices like FitBit Flex and Jawbone UP combine wristbands with mobile apps to track heart rate, activity, sleep patterns, and even food intake.
For smartphone users, Google Fit, Samsung Health, and the 3DTriSport pedometer are popular choices. Google Fit and Samsung Health offer step tracking, cycling tracking, and other fitness features, while the 3DTriSport pedometer provides accurate step tracking.
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Give me recommendations on your fav book. 🫶😊 #netflix #bookreviews
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kaise Kam karti hai ye app.... hum dusro se connect kaise ho sakte hai yahan
Aap connection request bhejsakteho, communities join krskteho
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who owns the coto app? anyone knows?
I can help you with the ph no of the person who takes care of operations of the app, if you need it,do let me know
no. just joined..
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ازاي اخلي التطبيق عربي
اوكي اشكرك ❤️
اهلا بيكي، إعدادات التطبيق باللغة الإنجليزية ولكن في مجتمعات متوفرة باللغة العربية والإنجليزية.
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The comparison trap is one I frequently fall into, especially on social media. Which strategies have worked for those who have overcome the difficulty of comparison?
Limit social media use, focus on personal achievements, practice gratitude, and remind yourself that everyone's journey is unique.
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ايه رأيكم في فكره جراج سيل؟ هل شايفه انك ممكن تشتري حاجه مستعمله؟
Ahhh momken
حسب نوع الحاجة ، يعني صعب هدوم مستعملة بس ممكن تابوهات أو إكسسوارات مثلا حالتها تكون زي الجديدة
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Is swiping right on a dating app the modern-day equivalent of passing notes in class, or have we upgraded to a whole new level of digital romance?
Yes, We upgraded, and I'm enjoying the enhanced version😉

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Hi friends My name is Meenal Majethia, Am a trained and certified professional in NLP, CBT, and REBT, Mindset and Wellness being my niche. have delivered adoption programs to more than 100 coachees in the past 30 months. As a Life Coach with over 20 years of corporate experience in diverse industries I help individuals cultivate emotional independence and resilience in the fast-paced and complex business environment. My passion lies in guiding individuals towards a holistic and thriving life. With a deep understanding of the powerful connection between our mindset and overall well-being, I am committed to helping each of you embark on a transformative journey. Through personalized coaching, insightful discussions, and evidence-based techniques, I am here to empower you to cultivate a positive mindset, enhance your emotional resilience, and embrace sustainable wellness practices. Together, we will explore the intricate balance between mental, emotional, and physical health, unlocking your potential to lead a life filled with vitality and purpose. My mission is to guide you on a journey towards personal and professional well-being, providing the tools and strategies necessary to navigate the challenges of leadership with grace and confidence. I craft personalized coaching experiences that cater to your specific needs and goals, combining mindset shifts, wellness practices, and emotional intelligence strategies to create a well-rounded foundation for success. Whether you're seeking to overcome leadership challenges, enhance team dynamics, or simply foster a culture of well-being within your organization, I am here to support you. Let's embark on a journey of self-discovery, resilience, and unparalleled success. Imore

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Eating Disorders


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New Mothers


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