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Apurva Purohit is an Indian Businesswoman with over three decades of experience in the corporate world where she formed significant partnerships with private equity firms and promoters to build and scale up a diverse set of businesses - from early stage fledgling businesses, to setting up new ventures and to supervising turnarounds in mature and declining organisations.Apurva has been a leading voice in the Indian business landscape, advocating gender diversity, what ails it, and what organisations and leaders can do to improve this critical imperative. She is also the author of the two national bestselling books "Lady, You're not a Man" - the Adventures of a Woman at Work and Lady, You're the Boss! Through her books, Apurva aims to empower women and encourage them to achieve their full potential.Over the years, Apurva has won multiple business awards and has been named as one of the Most Powerful Women in Business as per the India Today Group and Fortune India across several years.Apurva has always been a cheerleader and mentor for many women who have worked with her across multiple organizations. Through both her books she has managed to inspire many women across the world by empowering them with pragmatic ways and perspectives to have both a successful career AND a family life. We hope through this community she continue to inspire women who aim to maximise their potential in their careers.

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Working from home offers many benefits for women, including: 1. Flexibility: Remote work allows women to better balance their professional and personal lives. They can adapt their work schedules to accommodate family responsibilities and personal needs. 2. Increased Job Opportunities: Telecommuting expands the range of job opportunities available to women, as they can work for companies located anywhere in the world, overcoming geographical limitations. 3. Cost Savings: Working from home can lead to cost savings on commuting, work attire, and childcare, making it financially advantageous. 4. Reduced Commute Stress: Eliminating daily commutes reduces stress and gives women more time for themselves and their families. 5. Improved Work-Life Balance: Remote work often leads to a better work-life balance, enabling women to allocate more time to their families and personal interests. 6. Career Advancement: Women can continue to pursue their careers while managing household responsibilities, potentially leading to career advancement opportunities. 7. Enhanced Productivity: Many women find they are more productive when working from the comfort of their homes, with fewer workplace distractions. 8. Health Benefits: Remote work can improve mental and physical health by reducing exposure to workplace stressors and allowing for better self-care routines. However, it's important to note that successful remote work requires discipline, effective time management, and clear communication with employers and colleagues to maintain productivity and professional growth.more

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