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Hello Divas, If you are a travel bug and want to explore new destinations in style this is for you!

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my gift card plz abi form fill Kiya h

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Can girls tie rakhi to each other?? I mean can my friend tie it to me if we don't have any brothers??
Hello! A professional tarot reader here and in tarot reading what i have learned is that energies and emotions are not relevant to gender. So if you feel your sister or your friend is someone who protects you, go ahead! And if you have any questions do join my live session, would love to connect with you!
hi, dear yes you can tie you friend
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Seeing the people around me, makes me feel pressurized to do something for my mom. I don't think I need to do something to make her feel that I love her as she already knows it. Is it necessary to do anything special for your mom on Mother's day?
the most meaningful gifts for Mother's Day are those that come from the heart and convey your genuine appreciation and affection for your mom.
The "little things" like a heartfelt letter or quality time together can be just as meaningful, if not more so, than extravagant gifts.
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I always thought Rakhi was for sisters and brothers, but this year I really want to tie one on my son's wrist. We've grown so close lately, and the whole idea of protection feels different now. Is it weird for a mom to do this? Would it be disrespectful to the tradition?
Hsjshhssgjs agahha
From an astrological standpoint, the focus is on the compatibility pf horoscopes rather than endorsing or prohibiting specific relationships. But, astrology does not exist in vacuum amd must be understood within the context of societal, ethical and legal norms. It is prohibited due to moral, ethical and genetic reasons.
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Mother's Day is right around the corner and I'm searching for the perfect heartfelt message to share with all the amazing mamas out there. Whether it's your own mom, grandma, wife, sister, friend - I want to craft something that captures the spirit of motherhood and everything these incredible women do for their families. Something that really tugs at the heartstrings, you know? Do you guys have something in mind ?
Dear amazing mamas, your love and sacrifices shape the world. Thank you for everything you do. Happy Mother's Day!💐💞
For me, the unique way to celebrate Mother’s Day is to spend time with her. For me, Mothers Day is the celebration to make your Mom smile from heart, to express your love for her, to get some special gifts, to get her the things she wants for a long time. For me, Mother’s day is to watch a movie with your Mom, to go shopping with her, to go for a long drive with her. Your everything you do will be unique for her.
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What message would you like to give to your mother on this 'Mother's Day'?
She is indeed a beautiful mother.The supporting pillar of my life She was always awake with me while I had to do late night studies,my chef she cooks really awesome.I really love her and I am grateful for her each and every effort to raise me up. 🫶
To my wonderful mother❤️,Thank you for your love, your guidance, and your strength & all. Happy mother's day!💐❤️
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Is there a particular side my brother should sit while I tie rakhi to him?? I mean should he face anywhere?? North, South or in which direction?
hi, dear yes perticular direction is north east your brother face will infront of North east
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Can i tie rakhi to my boyfriend?
hi, dear it's your choice and you can ask your boyfriend. my answer is no
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In which hand should rakhi be tied to girls??Right or left??
hi, dear girls always tie the rakhi on left hand.
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Hey I really want to gift my 65 year old mom something special. I am confused if it should be utility based or aesthetic... please help me and tell me what I can put in the gift basket?
You could include items like a cozy blanket or robe for utility, along with a beautiful scented candle or a piece of artwork for aesthetics. Other ideas could be her favorite skincare products, a personalized photo frame, a book by her favorite author, or a plant to brighten up her space. Ultimately, tailor the basket to her tastes and preferences to make it truly special.
You can have a piece of jewelry customized with your mom's name or initials, or with a special message that expresses your love and gratitude.
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Hi girls, I am Rachael from USA. As you all know Mother's Day is around the corner. I wanted to gift something special to my mom, something that is different and she likes it. What is the best mother's day gift one can get for under $50?
Hey Rachael! How about a personalized photo album or a spa gift set? Both are thoughtful and can be found within your budget.👍
hi dear if u do accept or not I don't know all these are small infront of her and u should come and wish her it's the best my knowledge rather those

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Hello, I am Dr Major Navjeet P Kaur (Retd.). Passionate about transforming lives, I have helped hundreds of women to overcome phobias, anxiety, pain, and depression. My journey into the depths of human nature led me to uncover the profound connection between inherent traits and life's experiences. Retired Indian Army officer with a decorated 10-year medical career, honored for exceptional service. Holding a Ph.D. in Psychology, I have published extensively in international journals. Observing the prevalence of mental health issues among soldiers, I dedicated myself to breaking the stigma and providing support through Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP). I am also a certified Tarot reader, Advanced Numerologist, Crystal healer, and LOA therapist, Reiki healer, I offer unique insights into the forces shaping our destinies. My mission is to spread happiness and aid those who suffer in silence, offering them a path to healing and self-discovery. 🌟🦋more

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Hi , My name is Anjali Dwivedi ,a Numerologist and a tarot card reader .I am certified theta healer, inner child healer,Chakra healer,manifest abundance and done many more modalities. I have 5+ years of experience . I am taking online and offline therapy sessions.I am spiritual counselor and therapist I have helped lots of people with my guidance and therapy.So Iam hear to help you all.......!more

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Your Guide to Astrology, Numerology, Lal-Kitab, Aura Reading, and More Welcome! I am Meghana Kapoor, a dedicated practitioner of Astrology, Numerology, Lal-Kitab, Aura Reading, and various other occult sciences. Over the past two years, I have had the privilege of helping over 800+ individuals navigate life's challenges and uncover their true potential. Whether you're seeking clarity in your personal life, professional guidance, or spiritual growth, I am here to assist you. My expertise spans: Astrology: Gain insights into your life's path and future through the study of celestial movements. Numerology: Discover the profound significance of numbers in your life and unlock their hidden messages. Lal-Kitab: Benefit from the unique remedies and insights offered by this ancient astrological text. Aura Reading: Understand your energy field and how it affects your well-being and relationships. I look forward to connecting with you and helping you make your life better. Together, we can explore the mysteries of the universe and decode the secret of lifemore

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"Hello! I'm Khushboo, i m psychic medium and tarot reader with four years of experience. Having assisted over 2000 clients, I specialize in addressing a variety of concerns, including relationship issues, career dilemmas, future predictions, psychic phenomena, and family matters. Hailing from a lineage of psychics and astrologers, my innate gifts include psychic readings, vision interpretations, dream analysis, and psychic medium . It's been a fulfilling journey guiding individuals towards clarity and hope for the beautiful future that awaits them. Whether you seek insight through a live session or prefer a one-on-one consultation, I'm here to provide the guidance you need. Let's embark on this journey together towards enlightenment and empowerment."Its been beautiful journeys to help out people in their give them clearlity And hope for future beautiful that about happen in thier life ... So if you are looking for consultion please join my live or connect me one on one here I will be Please help youmore

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