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by Sandhya Pillai on May 3, 2023

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I am a single parent of a teenage daughter. I have been divorced since 2019 and single since 2017. I restarted my career at the age of 40 when I separated. I moved with my 10 year old kiddo to a new city with new lifestyle. Life was tough but with proper support and determination, I could turn around my life. I am still work in progress and healing from what I went through. So, I want to open this forum for all single women who need support, love and a space of non-judgmental sharing. Let us build a community of understanding and togetherness. YOU ARE NOT ALONE ANYMORE(YANAA) Cheers, Sandhyaa S Pillai

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I got pregnant at the age of 16, and my boyfriend left me post it because he wasn’t ready for it and said that it was a mistake. But how can a child be a mistake. He forced me to abort it but I did not and now i have a 10 year old girl. What pains me the most is that he left me just like that despite of doing all the rubbish promises before this news. But now when I look back I realize how good it was that he left. Atleast me and my girl now have each other to rely on and no one else to come in between. If he would have been here, I don’t think I would have the kind of relationship I have with my daughter now. Grateful to God for that but somewhere I feel now she needs a dad. To hold her, to be by her side. I am thinking of getting back into the dating back, even though it makes me scared. Should I start looking for someone?? @Saannjh #datingadvice #singleparent #trendingcommunity #coto

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Sarah, a 45-year-old single mother, has recently been diagnosed with a serious illness that makes it difficult for her to work. She has a life insurance policy with a full living benefit rider. This rider allows her to access a portion of her policy's death benefit while she is still alive under certain conditions. Sarah is concerned about her ability to cover medical expenses and maintain her household's financial stability during her illness. How can Sarah utilize the full living benefit in her life insurance policy to help manage her current financial situation, and what impact might this have on the death benefit that will eventually be paid to her beneficiaries?
read the policy carefully and see what the local government schemes are.
She should first be reading the policy carefully and look for every possible thing she can milk and if she's not able to do that she can always consult a professional to guide her through
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Are you considered a mother and can celebrate mother’s day if you're pregnant (but don't already have a child)?
Absolutely! why not ✨🌸 you are nurturing a baby inside your womb, so, yes! you are a mom 💘
yes of course because she carry a baby
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How about having pregnancy if one have PCOS?
Hello, I am Shruti Shingvi. I am a nutritionist with a masters in nutrition and dietetics. Pregnancy with PCOS is absolutely possible. Seeing a nutritionist and a gynaecologist will definitely help you improve your chances of a healthy pregnancy. Please connect with me for any further queries you might have.
Hi! Hope you are doing well! It's very natural to have these questions in mind when one is trying to conceive and have a child. It is extremely important to take care of your health at such times. I would recommend you to connect to a gynecologist and connect to our experts on the platform who talk about menstrual health. Stay safe and good luck.
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My partner and I have been trying to conceive for years without success. How can we cope with infertility and navigate this emotional journey together? @Preetha_Balakrishnan
Hello there, I know it is very hard to pass this phase where we try to have our baby but unable to conceive naturally, I am not adressing any physical issues here, but can guide you through spiritual reasons & remedies. In case you keen to know more about the same, please feel free to connect, wiuld be happy to guide you and remove your karmic blockages! Love & Light Shagun K Singh Spiritual Life Coach Satvatma-The Pure Soul
For any couples it's really becomes task when they keep on trying for pregnancy. Women become ovulation monitoring tool and males become sperm production tool. Without emotions, those try goes on failing you and you become frustrated. So while trying for pregnancy, don't Only concentrate on dates & ovulation. Enjoy your personal moments and don't do sex for making child. You are not machine to start & stop on instructions. Enjoy those moments and your secretions will be favorable for pregnancy. If your partner enjoys this, his semen will have proper quantity and quality. Military personnel don't look for ovulation and come on holiday accordingly. But when they meet their wives, both of them are so into each other that their hormones will automatically arrange their body parameters in favour of their best possible conditions. So their wives become pregnant. Educated couples keep on searching for technical things & lose emotions in the act. Enjoy your sexlife, pregnancy will occur
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pregnancy m problem ho Rahi kya kare
Hi there, Umeed karti hu ke aap theek hogi. Aapka sawaal spasht nahi hai. Aap conceive karna chaah Rahi ho usme dikkat aarahi hai ? kya aapne tests karwaye hai aapke aur aapke husband ke ? Kya aapne gynecologist se baat ki hai ? Aap humein bataeye taaki hum aapko koi upaay ya sujhaav desakein :) aur apne doc se zaroor sampark karein.
Hey you can share your details and let me see what I can suggest you
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PCOS bikin susah hamil, betulkah?
Bisa jadi, menurut halodoc: indung telur wanita dengan PCOS biasanya lebih besar dari yang normal. Di dalamnya mungkin terdapat banyak kista kecil yang berisi telur belum matang, sehingga sulit untuk dikeluarkan atau dibuahi. Selain itu, pengidap PCOS juga memiliki kadar hormon androgen yang tinggi, yang dapat mengganggu proses ovulasi, yakni pelepasan telur untuk dibuahi sperma.
Bisa jadi, menurut halodoc: indung telur wanita dengan PCOS biasanya lebih besar dari yang normal. Di dalamnya mungkin terdapat banyak kista kecil yang berisi telur belum matang, sehingga sulit untuk dikeluarkan atau dibuahi. Selain itu, pengidap PCOS juga memiliki kadar hormon androgen yang tinggi, yang dapat mengganggu proses ovulasi, yakni pelepasan telur untuk dibuahi sperma.
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"Hello, I'm Simran, with a birthdate of December 5th, 1988, in Bhubaneswar. I struggle with jealousy. How can I manage these feelings?" @neerja
Hello Dear, you can use the mantra and might be the feeling of this emotion will be reduce. Of course it won’t be go immediately might take sone time. But chanting can help you.
Hello, Simran. Jealousy can be a challenging emotion to navigate, but there are holistic practices that may help you manage it. Let's consult the Tarot to see what guidance it offers. I'll draw a card for you. The card drawn is the Nine of Pentacles. The Nine of Pentacles suggests that focusing on self-confidence, self-reliance, and personal abundance can help you overcome feelings of jealousy. Practicing self-love and self-care can strengthen your sense of worthiness and diminish the need to compare yourself to others. Additionally, spending time in nature, cultivating gratitude, and nurturing your talents and passions can bring a sense of fulfillment that diminishes jealousy. Would you like more guidance on implementing these practices in your life?
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. "Greetings! I'm Sarita, born on 7th June 1993. How can I address concerns about infertility without causing stress in my relationship?" @PurvanjaliTalkaboutNumbers
Hey Sarita, I completely agree with Purvanjali, just wanted to add my own experience a bit here, for me personally and also to many of my clients, I have been able to guide them and help them conceived naturally with the help of enzrgy healing like Magnified Healing, Womb Healing and Mantra Manifestation, all these energy healing methods have helped in conceiving and delivering naturally.. If you want to explore more on this, happy to connect and make you understand how this works and helps by releasing our past karmic baggages. Love & Light Shagun K Singh Spiritual Life Coach Satvatma-The Pure Soul
Hello, Sarita! Addressing concerns about infertility can be challenging, but it's important to approach the topic with empathy and understanding. Consider having an open and honest conversation with your partner about your feelings and concerns. You can express your desire to seek medical advice together and explore potential solutions as a team. Remember to reassure each other of your commitment and support throughout the process. Seeking counseling or therapy together can also be beneficial in navigating these sensitive issues while minimizing stress in your relationship.
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My partner doesn't want to use Condom. We are not ready for kids and birth control makes me nauseous. I tried to make him understand but he is not ready to listen. How to convince him to use Condoms? @Sexologist_DrKalps
Are your periods regular? If yes, then download any ovulation monitoring app. It will guide you about unsafe period. Unsafe period means period in which possibility of pregnancy is more. It will be mostly from 10 -20 th day of cycles. Tell him to use condom or avoid sex during these days. If your partner have full control on ejaculation, then you can try for pull out method. He might not be ready to use, but you have to force him to use condom. Because if pregnancy happens, then you will have to abort the pregnancy. If you don't want to suffer, make him use it atleast during unsafe period
Also you can show him movie of Rakul Prit Chhatriwali. It might help
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Berapa besar peluang seorang penderita PCOS untuk hamil?
Hmm, peluang hamil buat yang PCOS bervariasi sih. Tapi biasanya lebih susah dari pada yang nggak PCOS. Tapi tetap bisa hamil dengan perawatan medis yang tepat. Jadi, jangan langsung nyerah ya, tetep konsultasi sama dokter buat dapetin solusi terbaik!

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