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by Naima K. Rahimtulla on Sep 21, 2022

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Hi guys! Welcome to log kya kahenge. This is a safe space for all your beautiful ladies to express, rant & have funnn!! Let’s have some conversations and get to know each other better? Welcome to my world 😂♥️

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sometimes I need space to recharge, but I’m not sure how long to ask for. I don’t want it to seem like I’m pushing him away. If you've been in this situation, how long do you usually need without it affecting your relationship?

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New Mothersanswered 34 days ago

Hey there! relationships are great, but it is important to remember that you are an individual and balancing time with your partner by maintaining your personal space is key to all and every healthy relationship. I am a psychologist so I would love to offer you some tips when beginning with having an open communication which is cleared and honest. A communication needs comprehension and I would like for you to try using "I" phrases. for example, rather than saying "you're always around," trying saying " I need some time alone to recharge". This helps in not sounding accusatory and putting your needs forward. You can also have dedicated space and time in your home where you treat it as a retreat alone time space. While creating a schedule, be respectful of your partners routine and yours also. I would love to talk more about this with you, and I hope to see you in a live session. till then, all the best and take care of yourself.

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I got brekup since last 7 month n we like no contact situation right now both of us jst i jst want to ask u that if any chance that je comes in my life again does he comes?
Hi there 👋 I am a Consultant Psychologist and Relationship Coach. I can understand what you might be feeling. I can help you to overcome the pain of breakup and also on how you can attract the desired partner. Join me in my live sessions to know more about it.
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when will my ex will call me. I want him badly can't stop thinking about him
It's natural to feel anxious about when you'll hear from your ex. While it's possible that they might reach out, it's also important to focus on your own well-being and growth in the meantime. Reflecting on the reasons behind the breakup and working on personal healing can be very beneficial. I'd be happy to discuss this further in my live session or via a call. Let's work through this together!"
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lord krishna has always been my saviour, so can I rakhi to him?? Another astrologer i consulted to, said No because he is the Lord which is why he cannot be tied rakhi to, he said
Ages have gone and Lord himself said you can love him in any form you want. radha ka bhi shyam to meera ka bhi shyam. so go ahead and tie rakhi with pure intention. I myself tie rakhi to gannu bhaiya.
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hello one guy who not like me but I like him ..he rejected me for some reason can any chance he come back to my life again
please talk in chat
My boyfriend love me
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Hi, I am looking for a Healer to understand my issues and help me heal, if anyone plz ping me.
I am a Healer based in Mumbai you can connect on whatsapp 91362 35496. regards Barkha
Hi I am a Manifestation and Healing Coach you can connect with me in today live session at 1:30 pm where we can speak in detail what you are going through and I can help you with the issues you are currently facing
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hi, I'm a tarot card reader. looking to help people and expand as well. how do I do that? #tarotreadersofinstagram #tarotcardreading
I think social media is best to meet people. you can do online consultation or zoom meetings for tarot reading sessions
you can helppeople on coto!
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i hurt my friend in the past and after years of it, I realized why she maintained a kind of distance with me eventually leading to not talking at all. Since, Now i have come in terms with what I had done wrong back then, I want to reconcile with her. How can I do that?
Hi!Dear I am a Psychologist and an intimacy coach it's really commendable that you have accepted your mistake and want reconcile with your friend. Take the first step and initiate a conversation and listen to friend with lot of patience. I am sure your friend will come around and you will be able to heal your friendship. If you need further guidance join my live sessions.
Hi dear... it is great that you want to reconcile with your friend. Why don't you talk to her/him on whatever you feel about the entire issue. I understand this can be difficult for you. Reach out to me in my live sessions to learn more about this.
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دكتور ارفع من ثقتي بنفسي ازاي لو اهلي دايما بيقللوي مني
الثقه بالنفس بتتقال بمعدل الإنجازات يعني هل انا حاطط لحياتي أهداف واشتغل عشان احققها واعمل إنجازات في حياتي ولا لا..كل ما يكون عندك إنجازات كل ما تزيد ثقتك بنفسك
الثقه بالنفس بتقاس بمعدل الانجازات
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These days I am getting these urges which doesnt allign with my moral or ethical beliefs. How should I handle them?
Hi,The problem you are facing it's like conflict between your beliefs and your desires.We can't ignore our Need to introspect about your desires and where is the friction.You can take professional help to deal with the situation.
Hi! It’s actually quite normal to feel this way. This conflict is very common. I urge you to sit with these thoughts and emotions and think: “Are they going to impact my life negatively?”, “What are the pros and cons?” Let me know if you want to connect and discuss this further! -Sampada, Psychotherapist and Intimacy coach
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My name is Shanti, and I've been betrayed in the past. How can I rebuild trust in relationships and open my heart again? @AskAarti
Do hoponoo sessions forgive yourself and him .

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Hello people! I am Dr. Samadrita Saha; PhD, M.A. (CU); Consultant Psychologist, Parenting Coach. I have worked with more than 10,000+ clients till now to heal and make their life better in terms of getting a better perspective of life, promoting intra-personal relationship & self-care. My expertise includes anxiety management, stress management, coping depression, low self-esteem issues & self-confidence issues, familial relationship challenges, and trauma. I am also seasoned in pre-marital counselling, gediatric or old age counseling and postpartum depression counseling. I believe "healing starts when you feel heard!" Therefore, my therapeutic approach is all about giving you the non-judgemental, unbiased, empathetic safe space to share. I have been practicing for the last 13 years and I take a person-centered approach and love doing therapy with individuals and their families to help them navigate and cope with challenges in their life. I am a working mother of a toddler, I really feel empathetic to the kind of challenges mothers go through and I am here to help you deal & cope with all the challenges of parenting. I use conscious breath work, meditative approaches and a lot of energy work in my therapeutic sessions. I speak English, Hindi & Bengali.more

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A passionate mental health professional, empathetic and patient, aiming to provide mental health support while helping individuals become aware of resources available within themmore

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I am a psychic & a clairvoyant with an experience of over 15 yrs. I founded a unique holistic & metaphysical space TOM - Temple Of Miracles in mumbai that has served over 10000+ clients and has been awarded 5 times. we cater to the spiritual & mental health with our budget friendly & authentic wellness products & one to one healing & holistic therapies. I have recently co - founded our ecom site TOH - Temple of HOPE that caters to spiritual & wellness health for everyone in & outside mumbai all at your fingertips. I always dreamt of being a part of a harry potter school where magic and miracles happen everyday not knowing that I would be the one to create something like it. TOM(Temple of Miracles) is a metaphysical space that provides a safe and a healing environment for everyone who wishes to discover themselves and take a break from the hustle bustle of life . We come with no judgement and a solution to your every problem. In my free time I love to travel and discover new cultures, listen to music, dance and socialise. I am also a big foodie and love to experiment with different cusines (just like i experiment with different magical tools that will satisfy your spiritual hunger) I want to aim to help everyone balance their lives through meditation and use spirituality and magic as a part of their daily lives, introducing them to easy yet highly effective tools & products.more

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Hi everyone, I'm Soma Chowdhury, a dedicated psychologist, sex therapist, and intimacy coach with over 14 years of experience. I specialize in addressing mental and emotional health issues through client-centered therapy, including DBT and CBT training from the USA and hypnotherapy certification. I hold postgraduate qualifications in Clinical Psychology and Guidance & Counselling from Jamia Millia Islamia University. Currently, I work with leading sexual health platforms in India and abroad, having successfully counseled over 1,000 cases. As Honorary Secretary of the Army Wives Welfare Association, I have supported Army families through educational, vocational, and counseling programs since 1999.more

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Hi, I’m Karnika, a licensed psychologist with a master's degree in Counseling Psychology and over 5 years of professional experience. In this time, I've had the privilege of working with diverse populations, including both adults and children, and have seen over 500 clients. My journey into psychology began from witnessing the struggles people face with mental health issues and the stigma that often prevents them from seeking help. This fueled my desire to create a safe, supportive space where people feel empowered to grow and thrive. I believe in the profound connection between the mind and body, and how this relationship influences our overall well-being. My approach is eclectic, tailored to the unique needs of each client, and primarily draws from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), relaxation therapy, Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT), behavior therapy, and neurolinguistic programming (NLP). My areas of expertise include working with stress, anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues, relationship concerns, grief, body image concerns, self-growth, work-life balance, self-awareness, and anger management. I am committed to using evidence-based therapeutic techniques to foster personal growth, resilience, and well-being in each person I work with. Let’s embark on this journey together towards a healthier, happier you.more

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Hi! I am Nirdeshika jain, a certified counselling psychologist. I have done my Master’s in counselling psychology from S.N.D.T University, Mumbai. I am certified pre marital counsellor practitioner. I work with adolescents, adult and geriatric population. I strongly belief that opening up about one’s deepest thoughts and feelings can lead to profound changes. My aim is to improve one’s quality of life by delving into people mind and concentrating one “here and now” of inner self. I focus on various daily life concerns and use approaches based on person needs.more


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