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by Shalini Behl on Sep 22, 2022

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Can a boyfriend claim his girlfriend as a dependent on his tax return? There are so many rules, and it seems to depend on the situation. Any tax-savvy ladies out there with some advice?b

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answered 41 days ago

I don't think that can be done yet. only parents, spouse and children can be dependent

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دكتور اتقبل النقد ازاي
اهلا بيكي لا تمارسي جلد الذات لنفسك وحاولي تتعاملي مع مشاعرك وتكوني هادية ولازم تعرفي ان الاخطاء بنتعلم منها مهارة جديدة وخليكي هادية وانتي بتردي على الشخص المنتقد ليكي ، مارسي تمارين التنفس وركزي فيها على تنفسك فقط وابعدي اي افكار سلبية واخيرا حاولي تعرفي ايه الدافع وراء انتقادك 🥰🌹
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انا شخصيه حساسه مبعرفش اتقبل النقد احلها ازاي
اهلا بيكي يا حلوة❤️ الحساسية الشديدة ممكن تبقى نابعة من احساس داخلي بعدم الكفاية فا بتخلينا نتعامل مع اي نقد على انه تهديد لشخصنا عشان نحل المشكلة دي لازم نحدد ايه المشاعر والافكار المسيطرة عليكي عن نفسك عشان نراجعها ونظبطها واحدة واحدة ونقلل من الحساسية تعالي نتكلم اكتر في مكالمة على اللايڤ او استشارة مجانية من الساعة ١٢-٥ على ال community بتاعتي "نفسيتك بالدنيا" دمتي جميلة❤️
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فيها ايه يعني لما ندي فرصه تاني للاكس !!
اهلا جميله 🥰 الفرصه التانيه بتكون ف العلاقات المعطله مش المدمره لو علاقتك بالاكس كانت فيها بعض المشاكل البسيطه وهنا محتاجه اسالك ايه سبب الانفصال وبالتالى ردك ع الاجابه دى هتعرفى هى كانت علاقه معطله ولا مدمره وسامه ومؤذيه وعلشان أوضح ده اكتر منتظراك ف لايف نتكلم اكتر علشان هسالك شويه علشان نحدد المشاكل وايه الحلول ليه مها اسماعيل معالج نفسى منتظراك ف اللايف دمتى بخير وود واستقرار 🥰
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My friend who is married now told me that now she is much more financially independent then she was single. I am confused whether one should get married or remain single as it makes you more financially independent. Which view do u support ? Pls advice me.
Marriage is a lifelong companionship and has no dependency or connection with financial independence. if single, manage money wisely. if married, manage money Together wisely :)
hi am pujaa please Whatup ping me 8279956928
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Hi, we are going through some troubles right now. How can my family and I manage ongoing financial difficulties while planning for a stable future? What cost-cutting tips, income boosting ideas, and savings strategies have worked well for others in similar tough money situations? @Preetha_Balakrishnan
Navigating financial difficulties can be challenging, but there are steps you can take to manage them effectively. Start by creating a detailed budget to track your income and expenses. Identify areas where you can cut back on spending,plug the leakages such as subscription services etc. Consider increasing your income through part-time work or freelancing. Building an emergency fund can provide a financial safety net for unexpected expenses. Prioritize paying off high-interest debt and seek assistance from financial professionals or organizations offering free counseling services. Additionally, consider one-on-one coaching consultations for personalized guidance and goal-based investments. Contact for further assistance in planning for a stable future. Remember, with careful planning and perseverance, you can overcome your financial challenges.
I think you have a great tip already given! Also touch base with Namita, shebis our financial wellness expert at Coto! Tc, Preetha
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I am a stay at home single mom of two young kids with no job ornl financial independence. how can I quickly start earning from genuine online work and secure my future. I don't know anything about investing.
Pls dear contact on my what's app no. 9861973491 then I will discuss about this opportunity and also future endeavors Thank you
Share your qualification in my WhatsApp number +919435110521 for work from home opportunity
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What if i am struggling with the idea of retirement and feeling irrelevant.How can i make these feelings go away??
Hi... I am a Consultant Psychologist and Lifestyle Influencer. Therapy will help you to focus on your present. There are beautiful Mindfulness exercises that actually helps to deal with anticipated fears of future. Please reach out to me in my live sessions for learning about it.
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My boyfriend and I, deeply in love and contemplating taking our relationship to the next level, are both financially independent, have stable jobs, and are passionate about each other. Instead of immediately proceeding to marriage, we decide to cohabit – to live together in the same space. So, what are some benefits of cohabitation?
Living in together will actually provide you with a lot of benefits! It will allow you and your partner to get to know each other more and test compatibility!
Hello , there are multiple benefits starting from compatibility check to being prepared for marriage. Nowadays many young couples are even getting into pre marriage counseling for compatibility test and other things .
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I am hooking up with a guy who is not very financially stable when compared to my friend’s boyfriend, shall it impact my relationship??
It is important to address any financial concerns or differences early on in a relationship. This can include having open and honest conversations about finances, setting financial goals together, and working on financial planning and budgeting as a team.
Financial instability can lead to higher stress levels and present challenges to effective communication and long-term planning, which can strain a relationship.
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My friends who are in relationships always tell me to get into a relationship soon ,as it will also help me financially over the time. Do single people actually struggle financially?
No but when you are with your partner there is division of works that helps in finance stability
I don't think this is something certain. Even couples can struggle financially and singles can be living luxuriously. It's just how you manage things

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