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by dr nardeen gamel on Nov 29, 2023

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Every woman is looking for how to be beautiful. Here we will talk about the secrets of beauty and how to love yourself

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I thought this video is very inspiring so i loved to share with u

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Puberty Problemscommented 79 days ago

She’s so beautiful and radiant.. age doesn’t matter at all .. many old women are much more vivid than young girls.. its a matter of soul and inspiration

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This visual struck a chord. Drop a 💯 if you feel the same.
humko thora sa help chahiye tha
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Motivational video
mai intrested hu mujhe kya karana hoga
hii mam job kya hsi
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You have far more personal power than you realize. Take control of your life's agenda, focus, and be present. Be great. Cheering you on! 🤍 Content Courtesy : Brendon Burchard
mem mere or mere hasbend ke bich kuch nhi rhta
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Inspired by @itstanyamalik :) …. Loved it and hence recreated!!! Hope it inspires all !!!! #fitnessmotivation #fitnessinspiration #functionalworkout #functionalmovement
Thank you 😊
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Convince Your Mind!!! To change your mind is to make the brain work in new sequences in new patterns, in new combinations – and one ingredient is knowledge, information. When we “feed” our brain with new things or information we can create new patterns, news sequences and create new combinations. Cause learning is forging new connections between those nerve cells. And remembering is maintaining those connections. If you only remember and repeat over and over those same thoughts your life or state of being will remain the same for 20, 30, 40 years …- maybe. Feelings are the language of the body. Thoughts are the language of the brain. Change your thoughts ..will change your feelings & emotions... eventually you will change your life!!! #changeyourlife #changeyourmindset #convince #changeyourmindchangeyourlife #thursdaychallenge #Mindset
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ok so this is my first post here, I m happy to be a part of this community where I can connect with women excelling in different fields. I hope I can be helpful in some way and get lots of motivation from you guys. love to all
Welcome to YOUR own space girl💕. If you have a scope of adding more love, happiness , success and satisfaction in life.. nothing better than COTO. I have lived it.. So can vouch for this anytime Ali the time. 😊
Welcome here🤗
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Hard work and self belief can help you achieve anything in Life ✨✨✨ #selfbelief #hardwork #mindsetcoaching #mindsetmatters @123_angeappy
Awesome 👏 congratulations to her and great work Meenal …
thankyou but it's my friend who rec'd the Gold... I helped her stay motivated and calm ...🙂
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. Calming breathing is a technique that we find gives 2 major benefits, especially when the mind is refusing to relax or be at peace. It is the most effective way to still the mind. It will help you focus on a positive and beneficial activity - breathing Do share your experience and for any queries you can connect us #breathwork #calmdown #Happiness #energy
Very soothing and relaxing

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I am a mother and an educator in charter schools and ABC Youth Foundation. I host several podcast it's a huge passion of mine and I also produce I strongly feel that empathy is the glue of humanity and without it what do we have for understanding one another and being kind toward one another is what keeps Us human it's what makes it work and without it what can possibly get better you must hold on to that and remember and show it where it's needed so that people can know what it is and be able to show that same to others connecting and growing with others is within the foundations of empathy that's how the world gets better so we can understand we don't have to directly know one another we must be that change and it starts with us, we must be the change we want to see!more

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Hi friends My name is Meenal Majethia, Am a trained and certified professional in NLP, CBT, and REBT, Mindset and Wellness being my niche. have delivered adoption programs to more than 100 coachees in the past 30 months. As a Life Coach with over 20 years of corporate experience in diverse industries I help individuals cultivate emotional independence and resilience in the fast-paced and complex business environment. My passion lies in guiding individuals towards a holistic and thriving life. With a deep understanding of the powerful connection between our mindset and overall well-being, I am committed to helping each of you embark on a transformative journey. Through personalized coaching, insightful discussions, and evidence-based techniques, I am here to empower you to cultivate a positive mindset, enhance your emotional resilience, and embrace sustainable wellness practices. Together, we will explore the intricate balance between mental, emotional, and physical health, unlocking your potential to lead a life filled with vitality and purpose. My mission is to guide you on a journey towards personal and professional well-being, providing the tools and strategies necessary to navigate the challenges of leadership with grace and confidence. I craft personalized coaching experiences that cater to your specific needs and goals, combining mindset shifts, wellness practices, and emotional intelligence strategies to create a well-rounded foundation for success. Whether you're seeking to overcome leadership challenges, enhance team dynamics, or simply foster a culture of well-being within your organization, I am here to support you. Let's embark on a journey of self-discovery, resilience, and unparalleled success. Imore

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Financial Independence

I'm Bhavna from Mumbai, India, certified Personal Development Coach, graduated through an ICF accredited school of coach training. I'm often asked — What is Life Coaching? Life Coaching is an ongoing partnership between the client and the coach. It helps the client achieve fulfilling results both in their personal and professional lives. As a personal development coach, my objective is to help you get from where you are to where you want to be in life. And how do I do that? By helping you break the barriers you have imposed on yourself. I'm super grateful that I can share my learnings as a Life Coach to help you get to the heart of your needs and desires, while you identify and achieve your personal and professional goals with increased accountability, commitment and satisfaction. Looking forward to being your ally and building a life of POSSIBILITIES!!! +91more

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New Mothers

Tarot Reader more

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New Mothers


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New Mothers

Psychologist specializes in Mental Health Member of Union of Arab Psychotherapists •Bachelor of psychotherapy redirect from Denmark university accredited by IATA. •Master degree of sexual abuse redirect from Denmark university accredited by IATA. •DBT- CBT- SE Specialist in : *Mental health issues *Anger issues *Stress Managements *Anxiety *Depression *Emotional Regulation *Trauma *Growth after trauma *Sexual Abuse *Addiction *Relationships مهما كنتي شايفة وحاسة الصعوبات اللي بتعدي فيها🫤 انضمي معانا ونمشي رحله الشفاء سوا 👭💪🏻more

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New Mothers

Hello Beautiful Souls ✨ Welcome to my corner of healing and growing together! I am Shreyasi Bhattacharya, a Cognitive Hypnotic Psychotherapist and a Trauma Informed Coach. In my 2+ years of experience, I have helped 100+ clients overcome the challenges of their lives and start a journey towards self-growth and discovery. I deal with issues including stress, anxiety, relationship challenges, boundary setting, confidence and self-esteem building, grief, personal growth and self-discovery. My therapeutic approach is rooted in empathy, respect, and collaboration. I believe that every individual's experience is unique, hence, I use an eclectic and flexible approach to empower my clients to navigate difficulties and unclock their potential. Growing up in a patriarchal family, I witnessed the women around me often suppressing their emotions, leading to a lot of mental health challenges. So, I embarked on this journey to equip myself with the skills needed to help people confront and overcome life's challenges, empowering them to live their lives to the fullest! Remember, seeking help is a sign of strength, not weakness. I will be happy to help you in whatever way possible to lead the life that you desiremore

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New Mothers

Hi, I’m Sruthi, a clinical psychologist with over eight years of experience in helping people improve their mental well-being. I’ve worked with more than 12,000 clients, addressing a variety of issues such as depression, anxiety, stress, relationship problems, sleep disorders, addiction, and trauma. My goal is to offer a safe, supportive space where you can openly discuss your concerns and work towards a healthier, happier life. I hold a Masters in Psychology and several certifications in CBT and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I’ve been recognized with the PK Subburaja Trust Best Performance Award for my contributions to the field. I’ve also created community outreach programs, workshops, and corporate wellness initiatives to promote mental health awareness. Additionally, I developed AI-based tools to make mental health support more accessible. Fluent in English, Hindi, and Tamil, I’m a member of various associations and other professional groups. My approach is empathetic and holistic, aimed at destigmatizing mental health issues. If you’re looking for compassionate and effective therapy, I’m here to help.more

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New Mothers


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New Mothers

A passionate mental health professional, empathetic and patient, aiming to provide mental health support while helping individuals become aware of resources available within themmore

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