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by myth_is_me on Sep 26, 2023

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यहाँ हम बात करेंगे रोज़ की चिंता के बीच मानसिक स्वास्थ्य, मन का हाल ठीक रखने के बारे में। आइये बातें करें...

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hi how are you

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ي بنات بالله ساعدوني ... ازاي اتعامل معاه و هو لسه والده متوفي امبارح...انا كنت معاه خطوه بخطوه في المستشفى و شفت انهياره هو و اخواته و عمرى مكنت اتخيل ان هيوصل للمرحله دي و امبارح م قبل الدفنه قافل فونه و بحاول اوصله مش عارفه المفروض اعمل اي و اقدمله ال support الكافي ازاي و اهون عليه عشان مش عارفه اول مره اتحط ف الموقف ده ؟؟؟ بالله عليكم ساعدوني و شكرا بجد
أهلا بيكي أحيي فيك مشاعرك الجميله لكن لازم تديه وقته في الحزن لتجاوز ألم الفقد - عليك عمل وعي ديني له بأن تذكيره بالصبر والاحتساب، وذكريه من هو أكثر منه مصيبة، حتى تهوني عليه مصيبته، واتركي باب الأمل مفتوحا، وهذا يبعد عنه الحزن والضيق والاكتئاب، وذكريه أن مع العسر يسرا إن مع العسر يسرا. - حاولي قدر الإمكان الجلوس معه والإنصات إليه، واحتواء مشاعره فهو يحتاجك الآن أكثر من أي وقت مضى، وسيذكر موقفك الجميل معه طوال حياته.
أهلاً وسهلاً بحضرتك محتاجه أعرف طبيعة العلاقة لإن مثلاً لو مخطوبين تقدري تتواصلي مع اخواته مثلاً تطمني عليه ،لكن في جميع الأحوال هو في فترة حداد ومحتاج ياخد مساحته ووقته فانتي اديله المساحه دي ،ده نوع الsupport اللي هو محتاجه حالياً.
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With my partner's health concerns, I might need to take some time off work to help them. But what are the grounds for getting leave approved in India? Is there a difference between personal leave and medical leave? Knowing my options would be a huge relief.
yes there are no grounds for leave approved but u can strong mind to get leave or compromise with them
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Can you provide guidance on nutritional needs during key life stages for women, such as pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, and postpartum, focusing on optimal nourishment for both maternal and fetal health?
Hi there yes I can guide you on every stage,let me know more about . For one on one consultation you can connect with me 😀
Hi there, I hope you are well. Before and during conception nutrients like Iron, Folate, Vitamin A, Iodine, Calcium, Vitamin B12, and Protein are of prime importance. - Iron is necessary to avoid anemia, as to support the increased blood requirement in the body. Green leafy vegetables, nuts, seeds, dates, beans, amaranth, ragi are good sources of the same. - Folate- Folate is necessary to avoid neural tube defects in the fetus, and to support growth of the body. Leafy green, beans, lentils, nuts are good sources of the same. - Calcium- Calcium requirements increase as your bones are supporting a pregnancy ( especially the back and pelvis). Dairy and dairy products, sesame seeds, fish, leafy greens are good sources. Even fortified foods. -Vitamin D- Sunlight is the primary source. However, eggs, fish, nuts, fortified foods are some good sources of the same.Vitamin D is needed for absorption of Calcium, for immunity, bone strength, etc.
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Can I add my boyfriend to my health issurance?? We have been living together since long now, and I wat to add him as my spouse in my health issurance, even though we are not married. Is that okay?? Or legally acceptable??
You cannot add as a spouse if you are not legally married. This is illegal and can cause your entire policy to be negated and it is actually a kind of fraud. However, the court has acknowledged live-in partners and they do have some rights so you can check with your insurance company if they will honour this relationship. Only go ahead then or else let your boyfriend take a separate policy
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Anything that helps with pregnancy nausea apart from ginger and medication??
keep a dry snacks like crackers , cookies or almonds And water on bed side table in the night . And in the morning without getting up, rinse your mouth and have what ever snack you kept in the previous night.. After 10 mints , get out of bed exercising your arms and feet and slowly inhaling and exhaling. Do not brush your teeth immediately. wait for an hour . Use small baby Brushto avoid Gag reflex. Small and frequent diets. solid and liquids not to be taken together , minimum 15 to 30 mints gap. Take Fresh Coconut water ,less of Coffee and Tea. No to oily and spicy stuff. Keep your self busy like read a book,Paint,draw .Do what everakes you happy. Ginger -ale, Ginger cookies , small grated ginger in tea helps in lessening the intensity of nausea. Wear loose , comfortable clothes .
Hi, Acupuncture also works in calming down nervous system and clearing nausea.
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Sarah, a 45-year-old single mother, has recently been diagnosed with a serious illness that makes it difficult for her to work. She has a life insurance policy with a full living benefit rider. This rider allows her to access a portion of her policy's death benefit while she is still alive under certain conditions. Sarah is concerned about her ability to cover medical expenses and maintain her household's financial stability during her illness. How can Sarah utilize the full living benefit in her life insurance policy to help manage her current financial situation, and what impact might this have on the death benefit that will eventually be paid to her beneficiaries?
read the policy carefully and see what the local government schemes are.
She should first be reading the policy carefully and look for every possible thing she can milk and if she's not able to do that she can always consult a professional to guide her through
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hi my self sabeera 10 month's baby boy I would become my weight loss process please suggest me
Hi Sabeera, I hope you are well. Here are few tips that can help you in losing weight, however, weight loss should be done with the help of personalized diet and hence, you are feel free to book a one on one consultation with me. Start by making small changes to your daily routine. 1) Ensure to include enough fibre, protein, and good fats to the diet. Beans, lentils, sprouts, oats, wheat, barley, daliya, dairy and dairy products, fatty fish, lean meat, flaxseeds, walnuts are good sources. 2) Eat small meals, you can have 5-5 meals a day and have healthy snacks in between. 3) Maintain portion control, and eat in moderation. 4) Go for a walk, or you can even opt for home -workouts. 5) Drink 8-10 glasses of water daily, it helps with weight loss. 6) Avoid consuming refined, ultra processed and packaged foods. 7) Eat simple, home-cooked meals. 8) Keep a tab on your salt, sugar, and oil intake. 9) Get 7-8hrs of sleep, daily. 10) Have two fruits regularly, and salads as well. Take care ✨
Hello sabeera👋 Congratulations on your baby boy! Losing weight after pregnancy can be challenging, but it's definitely achievable with a balanced approach. So Always consult your healthcare provider before starting a new plan. 1.Diet:Eat balanced meals, control portions, stay hydrated. 2.Exercise:Start with walking/yoga, add strength training. 3.Sleep: Get enough rest, manage stress. 4.Support: Consult healthcare providers, lean on family.👍
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البشره الدهنيه الحساسه
و لو سؤالك حاجه تانيه وضحيه اكتر
البشره الدهنيه الحسابه ممكن تستخدمي روتين البشره الدهنيه و زودي معاه كريم بكون فيه centella عشان تهدي حساسبه البشره موجود في المنتجات الكوري كتير
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I'm planning to start a family soon. What foods should I focus on to support pre-pregnancy health?
Hey, That’s a great decision Do focus on balanced and nutritious diet which can help your body prepare for pregnancy 1) include iron and folate rich foods in your diet 2) Fruits and Vegetables: Aim to include a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables in your diet. They are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber, which support overall health. 3) Healthy Fats: Incorporate sources of healthy fats like avocados, nuts, seeds, olive oil, and fatty fish for good brain health and harmony balance 4) include calcium rich sources like dairy products for baby’s bone and teeth development 5) limit processed foods Do book a one on one consultation with me @Dietitian_Sheema for tailored pre conception diet plan based on your requirements Follow my community Health Harbour for more! Hope it helps
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How can I manage morning sickness and other pregnancy-related discomforts through my diet?
Hi there, I hope you are well. As you've been suffering from morning sickness here's what you can do. 1) On waking up you can consume ginger water, jeera water or have a whole wheat crackers, or on occasional days you can have home-made ginger candy or chew on to some mint that you have at home. 2) Have light meals in the day, switch to dal chawal, curd rice, kadhi khichdi, etc. 3) Have small meals throughout the day and avoid larger meals. 4) Avoid having heavy meals for dinner. 5) You can have home -made popsicles which are made up of coconut water, watermelon, mint, etc. 6) Drink more water and keep yourself hydrated. 7) Avoid spicy or fried foods before bedtime. 8) Throughout the day you can have lemon water ( 1-2 glasses), have citrus fruits, and banana. 9) Sip on herbal teas such as chamomile or spearmint tea. 10) Consume chicken broth and protein rich foods to manage morning sickness. I hope this helps , Take care ✨

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