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by SonalJangir on Sep 29, 2023

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Hi Ladies, I want to create a beautiful community where women can talk about heartfelt topics, emotional ups and downs, suggestions on books and movies and much much more..

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I m mother of two sons ...my elder one is of 7 year nd my small one is of 1 nd half year.I m feeling depressed in these 2 months ....what to do? why I m feeling depression suddenly in these 2 months

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Rituals & Practicesanswered 126 days ago

hi dear, why u should filled like such after they are ur future keep patience and assure them for better if any further help pls call me 9861973491

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hi mam I have 3 girls I want baby boy mam,in my prediction I have baby boy or not when I will get government job
or marriage ko lekr keshi hogi arrange ya love
mam hm puchh na chate job ko lekr
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I have gone through my child's death because of premature delivery. My husband is blaming me for that and taking a divorce from me. My all inlaws are against me. After marriage my husband and in laws started mentally torturing me .Nowadays I am dealing with lots of depression and stress. I am suffering sleepless nights. Please help me. How can I overcome the depression and stress caused by my husband blaming me for our child's premature death and my in-laws' mental torture, while dealing with sleepless nights and the threat of divorce?
I'm deeply sorry to hear about the immense pain and suffering you're experiencing. t’s crucial to prioritize your mental health and well-being during this incredibly time.Establish a strong support system by reaching out to friends or family members who can offer emotional support, and consult with a lawyer to understand your rights regarding the divorce and potential legal support against the mental torture.Set clear boundaries by limiting contact with people contributing to this stress and create a comforting space for yourself, focus on future,small achievable goals.Prioritize self-care by creating a calming bedtime routine to improve your sleep quality,Incorporate mindfulness meditation and relaxation techniques such as deep breathing exercises to manage stress.Journaling your thoughts and feelings can be therapeutic, and practicing daily gratitude can help shift your focus towards positive aspects of your life. Pl remember healing takes time and you deserve compassion. Stay strong
Maybe the death of your baby is a sign that this marriage is not for you. I hope you are healed and find peace. Start with positive thinking. This may sound cliche but what you think is where life takes you. Remember that this is only today, tomorrow will be entirely a different chapter, and you don't know what blessings await you. So just sail through it having faith that God is preparing you to receive some great blessings soon.
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دكتور انا شخصيه عصبيه جدا ومبعرفش اتحكم في نفسي اعمل ازاي دي خلقي ضيق بجد
اهلا وسهلا بيكي ♥️ معاكي سيلڤيا معالج نفسي وعضو اتحاد المعالجين النفسيين العرب تقدري تشرفيني فال community بتاعتي the healing journey العصبيه بتنتج عن مساعر مكبوته معرفتنيش تخرجيها ومحتاجة نتعلم سوا نخرجها ازاي ونعمل تمارين الاسترخاء والتنفس وكمان محتاجة نشتغلي علي افكارك اللي بتادي للمشاعر دي اهلا وسهلا بيكي لو مواعيد اللايف بتاعتي متاحة ليكي وتحبي تدخلي معايا call مواعيدي انهاردة ٧و ٩و١٠ م وجمعه وتلات ٨و٩و١٠ص اهلا وسهلا بيكي اي وقت حبيبتي ♥️ دومتي جميلة صحياً ونفسياً♥️♥️
اهلاً بيكي يا جميله 🌸 متفهمه جدا مشاعرك وواصلي من خلالها انك شخصيه طيبه جدا لكنك اعترضتي لضغوط كتير ممكن يكون دا رد فعل وميكانيزم دفاعي عن الي ممكن تكوني اتعرضتيلوا قبل كدا وكبت لمشاعر قديمه محتاجه تعملي تمارين الاسترخاء وهي زي ما اتفقنا ٥/٢/٣ ولو حابه تعرفي اكتر عن تمارين الاسترخاء هتلاقيني معاكي يوميا ماعدا الجمعه ٨، ١٠، ١١ وتقدري تتابعيني علي mental health talk اتمنالك يوم لطيف ☺️
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ماما وبابا منفىصلين وماما عايزه تتجوز وانا رافضه اعمل اي
اهلاً يا جميله🌸 سؤالك مهم جدا وواصلي منوا انك قلقانه من المستقبل مع شخص تاني ممكن يدخل حياتكوا وممكن تكوني خايفه يتكرر نفس سيناريو الانفصال وتحسي بنفس المشاعر الي حسيتي بها قبل كدا في البدايه اعرفي ان من حق مماتك أنها تختار إنها ترتبط أو لاء ومن حقك انك تتكلمي مع مامتك عن المخاوف الي انت بتحسي بيها وقلقانه منها علشان تحسي بالاطمئنان والأمان هستناكي نتكلم في اللايف اكتر عن التفاصيل هكون معاكي الساعه ٨، ١٠، ١١ اتمنالك يوم لطيف ☺️
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عاد معتذرا يابنات اعمل ايه 🙆🏻‍♀️😂
صباح الخير عليكي ، للأسف أنا مقدرش أقولك تعملي ايه لأن مفيش أي تفاصيل أنا معرفش هو ايه الغلط اللي غلطه ولا ايه طبيعة علاقتك بيه فلو حابة نساعدك فأنا محتاجة معلومات أكتر .
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How long should I remain silent and not talk to my husband after a fight?? We recently fought over how bad his mother treats me, and he couldn’t digest it at all. Since then we have both been mum. Shall I start a conversation or wait for him to do so?
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Hello Dear. I'm a Consultant Psychologist and Sexual Health Expert. I would say, not talking would not benefit the relationship in anyway. I would suggest that you respect his feeling towards his mother but also let him know that you would feel the same way too. If he wouldn't take your side and support you, you would feel extremely hurt is something you need to clearly communicate. Also, let him know your intention is not to hurt his mother or him but for you to feel like he would protect you. Hope this was helpful. Do join my live sessions if you have any more questions.
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بابا مش راضي يخليني اخرج مع خطيبي ( ملحوظة كاتبين الكتاب ) هو مكانش بيرضى اثناء الخطوبة ودلوقتي برضو مش راضي ماما بتقولي اعمل دا من غير ما اقوله وانا خايفة
اهلا بيكي يا حلوة❤️ احساس مزعج جدا اكيد انك مش عارفة تقضي وقت لوحدك مع خطيبك اللي بقى شرعيا جوزك وليكي الحق انك تقضي الوقت ده من غير ما حد يمنعك لأنه حتى الاسباب الشرعية اللي تبرر عدم خدوجكم لوحدك في الخطوبة مابقيتش منطبقة بعد كتب الكتاب لكن الكدب او التخبية مش هي الحل لأنها لو اتكشفت هتعمل مشكلة اكبر الحل في بناء الثقة مع باباكي والاستقلال عنه تعالي نتكلم اكتر في مكالمة على اللايڤ او جلسة شخصية من الساعة ١٢-٥ على ال community بتاعتي "نفسيتك بالدنيا" دمتي جميلة❤️
اهلا بيكي لازم علاقتك بأي حد تكون مبنية عالصراحه حتى باباكي عشان كده حاولي تتفاوضي مع باباكي فإن مثلا مامتك تخرج معاكم او اخوكي ده حل وسط ويرضي باباكي اعتقد 😍🌹
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What is gaslighting?? Recently i came across this term while scrolling shorts on Youtube but what the video meant didn’t quite fit in well with my brain. Is it related to a way in which your partner behaves in a relationship??
Hi Dear. I'm a Consultant Psychologist and Sexual Health Expert. Gaslighting is a way of manipulation basically making you feel horrible for something you did eventhough you might be right. It can happen in any relationships not just in romantic relationships. Hope that answers your question.
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How can I assert my need for privacy without hurting the feelings of my mom and dad??
hi there, it has always been challenging to assert your needs for privacy in front of your parents. but I'm a clinical psychologist and can help you with this situation. one of the major keys to finding a dialogue between them is to have an honest, clear and empathetic communication wherein all perspectives are stated and respected but a common ground is been found. To do this, choosing the right time and setting is empirical. Find a calm and private place to talk to your parents free from distractions and interruptions so that they also value this conversation. I can help you move with the aspects of communication. I hope to see you and hear from you soon in one of my live sessions. Take care and I hope you get what you're looking for
hi dear I am Soudamini, u convenience to parents for the needs and it's benifits might have been agreed
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There's been a breakdown in trust between me and my teenager. They made a big mistake, and now things are tense. How do you rebuild a relationship with your child after trust has been broken? Is communication the key, or are there other things I can do to show them I love them and want to move forward?
hi there, I'm so sorry to hear about this. I am a clinical psychologist and I would like to help you with this. rebuilding trust with your teenager after a breakdown involves a blend of open communication, empathy and consistent good behavior.Start by having an honest conversation about the mistake, focusing on understanding their perspective and expressing your feelings without judgment, show empathy by acknowledging their emotions and challenges they face. It is crucial to establish clear expectations and consequences/ punishments moving forward, but equally important to reinforce your love and commitment to their well-being.Demonstrate trust through small gradual steps, allowing them to earn back your confidence. consistency in our actions and responses will help build their sense of security and trust. Trust is a build over time through genuine of efforts and mutual respect.
Trust comes with better earning, better health

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I am a mother and an educator in charter schools and ABC Youth Foundation. I host several podcast it's a huge passion of mine and I also produce I strongly feel that empathy is the glue of humanity and without it what do we have for understanding one another and being kind toward one another is what keeps Us human it's what makes it work and without it what can possibly get better you must hold on to that and remember and show it where it's needed so that people can know what it is and be able to show that same to others connecting and growing with others is within the foundations of empathy that's how the world gets better so we can understand we don't have to directly know one another we must be that change and it starts with us, we must be the change we want to see!more

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"You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them." – Maya Angelou. Welcome! My name is Niharika Bisht and I have been a clinical psychologist for over a year with a strong foundational practice of over 2000 hours in evidence based therapy, in English and Hindi, which are always client centered, putting YOU as the priority. My compassion comes with the caliber of providing the tools for you to navigate their struggles and challenges. I would love to be a catalyst for an impact whether you're dealing with event-based or long-term depression, social or personal anxiety, neurological disorders such as autism or epilepsy, or relationship issues involving friends or in-laws. Building a therapeutic relationship on trust, empathy, and respect is my priority. Together, we'll explore your strengths, address challenges, and build resilience. I'm here to help you find clarity, develop healthy coping strategies, and create meaningful change. I fiercely look forward for you to join me in a live session so that we can understand how we can go forward together, gain new perspectives and be the best version of ourselves we always knew we could, please remember you're not alone and you alone are capable.Hope to see you soon.more

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قناة "صحتك النفسية" هي وجهتك الأمثل لفهم أعمق لذاتك وعلاقاتك بالعالم من حولك! انضم إلينا في رحلة مشوقة لاستكشاف كيف تؤثر البيئة والمجتمع على سلوكك وصحتك النفسية. نقدم لك قصصًا حقيقية، ونصائح عملية، وحوارات مثمرة مع المشاهدين ، لتتعلم كيف تتعامل مع الضغوط اليومية وتحسن صحتك النفسية. سواء كنت تواجه تحديات في العمل أو العلاقات، أو ترغب فقط في فهم أفضل لنفسك ومن حولك، فإن "صحتك النفسية" توفر لك المعرفة والأدوات التي تحتاجها لتحقيق التوازن والسعادة في حياتك. اشترك الآن واكتشف أسرار العقل البشري بأسلوب سهل وممتع!more

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