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Mental Health

At TalktoAngel, we believe in the power of community support and understanding on the journey to mental well-being. Join us as we navigate this path together, sharing knowledge, experiences, and compassion with our experienced Therapists. Interact with like-minded individuals who understand your journey. Whether you're here to share your story, seek advice, or simply be part of a caring community, you're welcome. Together, we break the stigma surrounding mental health and build a community that uplifts.

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Founder of Soul Therapy with Harleen Bagga, Author, Transformation Coach, Multi-disciplinary Psychotherapist. Follow for Behavioral Therapy, Counseling, Lifecoaching, Transformation made easy!! Learn easy ways for you to work on yourself and most importantly your ‘Mental & Emotional Health ‘ know what’s right for you and more😇Looking for tips for Anxiety & stress, behavioral therapy, family counseling, relationship counseling, parenting, depression, teenage issues, couple therapy, grief & loss, trauma, sexual issues, unexplained physical symptoms, child therapy, lingering emotions.Follow me "Why Relationships Fail? Tips to make connections that last."more

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hi. myself Dr.Madhuri Bhatt. A practicing MD Homoeopath from Ahmedabad. join me for the life your dream of. fill your life with abundance and prosperity with healing through crystals, aromas , switchwords , tarot reading, pranic healing, Sound healing. For getting healing for emotional issues, depression , addiction , relationship , financial issues. and many more for regular update of natural cosmetics productsmore

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When you think about your health, what first comes to mind? For many – if not most – of us, it’s probably our physical health. Are we eating healthy? Are we exercising regularly? Are we feeling tired? Or ill? Do our joints ache? Have we scheduled our annual check-up?All these questions are, of course, important ones to answer, but there’s another question we should be asking – another part of our health that deserves attention: how is our mental health?Our mental health has a tremendous impact on our overall health and well-being. Our mental health includes our thoughts, emotions, feelings and moods. It influences our choices, actions and how we relate to others. Good mental health can help us cope with stress, succeed in our professional lives, more effectively recover from difficult situations and add value to our community and be our best self.It’s important to understand that maintaining good mental health can often be a challenge. So, if you are struggling to maintain good mental health, you are definitely not alone. It’s important to know that it is ok to speak up and ask for help if you’re suffering from a mental health condition .In addition to professional care, there are some steps you can take at home and in life to improve mental wellness :Take care of you bodyEat HealthyLearn A New SkillMake time for family and friendsEnsure that you’re getting enough sleepPractice deep breathingMeditatemore

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I am a mother and an educator in charter schools and ABC Youth Foundation. I host several podcast it's a huge passion of mine and I also produce I strongly feel that empathy is the glue of humanity and without it what do we have for understanding one another and being kind toward one another is what keeps Us human it's what makes it work and without it what can possibly get better you must hold on to that and remember and show it where it's needed so that people can know what it is and be able to show that same to others connecting and growing with others is within the foundations of empathy that's how the world gets better so we can understand we don't have to directly know one another we must be that change and it starts with us, we must be the change we want to see!more

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