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by Coachmennaelmoshneb on Mar 29, 2024

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i’m Menna. I’m a holistic health Coach, and my passion is to help women to maintain a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable. I received my training and education as a health coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York. During my nutrition training, I was introduced to over 100 dietary theories from Eastern to Western, ancient to modern and everything in between to come to identify that the offered food on our plate is secondary to our relationships, career, financial challenges, spirituality, home cooking, physical movement, stress management and our self-care, all of which are aspects of life that we call primary foods. Balancing our primary foods is what fills our souls and satisfy our hunger for life. I am here not to provide a list of food restrictions nor to reside on calories count or proteins or fats or carbs but I’m here to start with you the journey of holistic wellness. I’m here to empower you to recognize the areas of imbalances on and off the plate in your lives. My mission is to guide you to a happier and healthier life that you can sustain as a lifestyle. Along the journey we will achieve goals that include;improving gut health by focusing on whole real foods, reducing comfort junk foods, treating sugar cravings, balancing blood sugar, maximizing sleep quality, energy and spirituality, applying stress management tools and maintaining relationships.

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1. Drink natural Bone Broth 2. Cut down on sugar consumption 3. Avoid Alcohol 4. Consume Vitamin C rich foods ; bell pepper, kiwi, broccoli, strawberry, guava, oranges,.. 5. Skin protection against UV 6. Check with your skincare health provider if you are in need for Vitamin C and/or collagen supplementation 7.Boost your HGH by deep sleep from 10pm-2am when the body has produced the max melatonin which also repairs collagen.

1. Drink natural Bone Broth
2. Cut down on sugar consumption 
3. Avoid Alcohol
4. Consume Vitamin C rich foods ; bell pepper, kiwi, broccoli, strawberry, guava, oranges,..
5. Skin protection against UV 
6. Check with your skincare health provider if you are in need for Vitamin C and/or collagen supplementation 
7.Boost your HGH by deep sleep from 10pm-2am when the body has produced the max melatonin which also repairs collagen.
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Puberty Problemscommented 81 days ago

Thank you 💕

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In this daily hassle of life, we forget to treat ourself with a simple things Here are few very easy techniques that we all can apply 😊
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Think better > feel better > live better
شهادة وثقة أعتز بيهم جداً ❤️❤️❤️
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Many of my clients train and train so well and regularly but then go back to eating to non supportive and non nourishing the body ways of eating , I urge you all to exercise and eat to energise your bodies , sleep well rest and recovery is super important to let your muscles recover and get stronger, try to aware of stress and learn means and ways to manage it!!!! Its not a lot it all can be prioritised hence planned and worked out !!!! Here’s a recipe to help you stay on track 😊!!! #fitnessmotivation #healthyeatingideas
Such an important point! The healthy body we want is actually made at home, through our diet, number of hours we sleep and how we manage stress. Thanks for sharing this!
Wow..thats so nutritional, easy and luks yummy. Im definitely gonna try
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Benim seyahat bakım ekibi🤍 Böyle seyahat boy ürünleri buldukça stoğuma ekliyorum, seyahat zamanlarında oldukça işime yarıyor.✍🏻 Özellikle havayolu şirketlerinin artık 1 kilonun bile hesabı yaptığı şu dönemde büyük bakım ürünleri taşımaya hiç gerek yok bence.🌸 #bakım #seyahattebakım #güzellik #markalargöründüğüiçinreklam
Kullandığım en iyi makyaj bazlarından biri, o kadar seviyorum ki küçük boyunu da aldım. Hatta küçük boyu bile epey süre yeter. İndirimde değerlendirebilirsin🌸🤍
Gelir valla. Çok güzel organizerlar buldum. Paylaşayım🤩🤩🤩
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Make the right choice and....REPLACE #replace #avoid morningtea
receipe of all these tea plz
Hi there, I hope you are well. -As a nutritionist, I personally feel that there isn't a need to replace morning tea/coffee. -A person can consume his/her tea/coffee in moderation with less sugar :) - We need to wake up healthy and happy, and if that cup of tea makes one happy, I'd always let it remain :)
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Sweet craving option and alternative for summers and super energising and fibrous !!!! You agree ?
True that Huda, I love it too !!!
I love watermelon 🍉 it's my go to fruit in Ramadan ✨✨
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Nourish your mind with some fun nutrition facts! #NutritionFacts #FoodFacts #HealthyLiving
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Adding a splash of vibrant colors to your plate not only brightens your meals but also boosts your health! 🌈 Let's celebrate Holi by adding more colors to our diets for a nutritious and flavorful journey! #HealthyHoli
happy Holi
Happy Holi to all the ladies 🥰🥰
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Healthy eating is boring or are we lazy to be creative 😂😂😂!!! Trust me its not so hard if you make up your mind to be fit healthy energetic strong pretty gorgeous younger it’s all in your control, take charge , be the leader of your life and exercise every day , move every day , eat to nourish your body , rest well, love your self , have gratitude for your body and let go your mental blocks of what your body can do , your body is magic , it only keeps getting better every day !!! #eathealthy #stayfit #fitnessmotivation #fitwithchitraa
I know what a lovely way to have sandwichi feeling and add no bread and still nourish the body na ….
I do this so often Chitraa and I absolutely love it ✨✨

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Hello, I am Dr Major Navjeet P Kaur (Retd.). Passionate about transforming lives, I have helped hundreds of women to overcome phobias, anxiety, pain, and depression. My journey into the depths of human nature led me to uncover the profound connection between inherent traits and life's experiences. Retired Indian Army officer with a decorated 10-year medical career, honored for exceptional service. Holding a Ph.D. in Psychology, I have published extensively in international journals. Observing the prevalence of mental health issues among soldiers, I dedicated myself to breaking the stigma and providing support through Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP). I am also a certified Tarot reader, Advanced Numerologist, Crystal healer, and LOA therapist, Reiki healer, I offer unique insights into the forces shaping our destinies. My mission is to spread happiness and aid those who suffer in silence, offering them a path to healing and self-discovery. 🌟🦋more

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Hello, beautiful people! My name is Kumkum Singh. I am a certified and distinguished practitioner in the arts of Tarot Reading, Psychic Insight, Angel Reading, Numerology, Life Coaching (Law of Attraction), Witchcraft, Pendulum Drawing, Healing, and Reiki Healing. With years of experience and a global clientele of over 5,000 satisfied individuals, I specialize in transforming lives with my expertise. My core areas of focus include relationships, marriage, love, health, and extra-marital affair issues. Clients consistently find accuracy in my predictions and effectiveness in my remedies, often seeing results within just 21 days. I possess the arcane powers of divination to illuminate paths less traveled and offer transformative insights to help you navigate life with grace. My enlightening sessions are conducted fluently in English, Hindi, and Bhojpuri.more

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Hi! I am Nirdeshika jain, a certified counselling psychologist. I have done my Master’s in counselling psychology from S.N.D.T University, Mumbai. I am certified pre marital counsellor practitioner. I work with adolescents, adult and geriatric population. I strongly belief that opening up about one’s deepest thoughts and feelings can lead to profound changes. My aim is to improve one’s quality of life by delving into people mind and concentrating one “here and now” of inner self. I focus on various daily life concerns and use approaches based on person needs.more

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New Mothers

Welcome to a judgment-free zone where you can freely express your thoughts and feelings without fear! Life can be tough but you don t have to face it alone :) I have been working as a Mental Health Professional over last 6 years. My approch is eclectic and client centred, with areas of expertise on stress management, anxiety and depression management, relationships, life transitions, work life balance, etc. My therapeutic approach is centered around active listening, empathy, and evidence-based techniques. Empowering individuals to overcome challenges and find inner strength is my mission as a therapist. 🌈 Let's navigate through life's ups and downs together, one at a time! If you're seeking a supportive and informative therapeutic experience, I am here to help. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns. #TherapistJourney #InnerStrength #PositiveChangemore

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Greetings, My name is Honey Agrawal - a Counseling Psychologist practising for more than 6 years in the field of mental health. I have completed my Masters in Counseling psychology and Intensive Training in Clinical Psychotherapy Diploma. With over 10000+ hours of working on field and being a Covid Warrior, I have learnt problems will always be there but the change lies in Perception and Will power. I have dealt with children, adolscents and adults and families extensively during my practice. My strength lies in therapy with people dealing with depression, anxiety, emotional and behavioural concerns, grief and trauma alongwith Couple counseling. In cases with Narcissitic personality disorder, infidelity or communication gaps between couples are my interests and forte in young or midle aged couples. My core belief with couples lies in the fact that every relationship will have a fight but one must know "how" to fight and hence I am here to educate the right skills of communication in any relationship. I am a firm believer of the fact that this world can accomodate and has a place for each and everyone. All we need to do is find our RIGHT place. As a women bought up in an Asian culture, I value collectivistic approach to life but from my learning in this life I believe strengthening Self concept is the foundation for any healthy relationship. With this, I would like to welcome you all and look forward to connect with each of you so as to we find our tribe and make even a small though significant difference in this life.more

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Neisha Arora is a multi-faceted Content Creator, Google AdSense Publisher, Beauty Blogger, Certified Face Yoga Instructor, and Nutrition and Weight Management Advisor. With her degrees in Mass Communication and MBA, she chose to rather merge her love for beauty and communication, than a 9 to 5 job, to create a unique and engaging online presence that earned her a dedicated following. As a certified face yoga instructor, Neisha is passionate about helping people achieve their best selves from the inside out. She brings a holistic approach to beauty and wellness, and the informative and engaging content on “Hale and Belle” covers a wide range of topics, including makeup tips, skincare routines, and healthy living advice. Through her successful Google AdSense partnerships, she has not only built a loyal audience but also established herself as a trusted influencer in the beauty community. Neisha’s expertise and dedication to her craft have earned her recognition and praise from both her followers and industry professionals alike. Whether she’s sharing her favorite beauty products, offering advice on how to live a healthier lifestyle, or teaching her followers how to practice face yoga, she’s committed to inspiring and empowering her audience to look and feel their best. Founder of haleandbelle.com | atisvelte.com | WeighWise Consultancymore

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