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by Tamanna Yadav (Tam Tam lifts) on Nov 12, 2022

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Fitness is necessary to everyonetry do some yogasanas n get stronger, fit, healthy body

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In what ways does physical fitness contribute to better sleep quality, and how does this impact work performance?

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Meditationanswered 166 days ago

Physical activity releases endorphins, which alleviate stress, improving mood and mental resilience in handling workplace challenges. And low stress levels will definitely give you good sleep, right? 😃 Scientifically speaking physical fitness activities make your body tired and makes the brain quiet which then is ready to rest.

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I've heard about tracking steps for fitness, but how do I actually make it fun and not just another chore? Any cool apps or gadgets you recommend that won't break the bank ?
For those interested in more comprehensive fitness tracking, devices like FitBit Flex and Jawbone UP combine wristbands with mobile apps to track heart rate, activity, sleep patterns, and even food intake.
For smartphone users, Google Fit, Samsung Health, and the 3DTriSport pedometer are popular choices. Google Fit and Samsung Health offer step tracking, cycling tracking, and other fitness features, while the 3DTriSport pedometer provides accurate step tracking.
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#weightlosscoach #livehealthylifestyle #loveyourbody #netflix #thecrown #biker #fashionvideos Interested person contact me WhatsApp _9289872003
interested person contact me WhatsApp _9289872003
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I am working women and I have a very sedentary lifestyle experiencing side effects of this... what to do?
Hi. Hope you are doing good! A sedentary lifestyle, especially as a working individual can have negative consequences. To beat this, form a proper, doable routine for yourself. Wake up and have some water. Go for a half an hour walk and come back. Take a shower and hop into the kitchen to prepare some healthy breakfast for yourself. Between your work, make sure you take 5-10 min out for short walks or stretches. Basically some form of movement is very important. Take your lunch on time In the evenings, you can take a work break and water plants, dust the furniture, etc. you can even go for a walk. Have your dinner on time and try to sleep early. If you incorporated exercise in your routine, you will probably fall asleep early. Make sure you read a few pages of some book before you sleep
Hi there, I hope you are well. Here's how you can change from a sedentary to a moderately active lifestyle. - Get up early, and go for a walk. You can walk for 25-30mins every morning. This way you will get enough sunlight as well. - In between your work, take short breaks and ensure to stretch or walk for 5-10mins. - Walk after your meals, 10-15 mins after lunch and dinner. - Even when you are at home, don't sit at the same place for more than 45mins, get up do a walk and, some Stretching. - You can do home-based workouts for 15-20mins and upscale as and when you are ready to do so. - Eat a balanced diet with enough fibre, protein, and fats. - Incorporate fruits and vegetables in your diet, and avoid packaged, processed, and refined foods. - Sleep for 7-8hrs hours daily and drink 8-10 glasses of water. - You can even do household chores as and when you get time, as it is a great way to bring in some movement ang burn calories. - Incorporate meditation and yoga to keep stress at bay ✨
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Kapsül dolap nedir ? @AJoyfulBreak @sevdadiker @toobe @BaharKalyoncuYücel
Daha az kıyafetle daha fazla kombinasyon yaparak gardırobu basitleştirmek ve sadeleştirmek günümüz şartlarında artık herkesin istediği bir şey haline geldi. Bunu uygulamak kolay mı? Moda dünyasında yeni trendler hız kesmeden devam ettiği için bence değil🥲 Ama bunun farkındalığının başlaması ve sadeleşmeye çabalamamız bile çok güzel bir adım bence.🌸
Hmmm, bütün ihtiyaçlarımızın en az kıyafetle karşılanabileceği bir dolap mıdır ?
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kya hum period ke time gym main weight training kar sakte hai?
Yes, you can! As long as you are up for it, there is no reason to stop your daily routines.
Yea, obviously. You can do every day thing
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Bagaimana cara olahraga yang baik dan benar saat ingin bentuk badan bagus tampa ke gym?
Dance workout di kamar, asyik banget dan bikin happy.
Pakai alat olahraga portable kayak skipping rope atau resistance bands, bisa sambil nonton Netflix juga!
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New month, New check in What goal you wish to complete for month of April?
Exercising daily
My CAT preparation ofc.
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How can I manifest greater physical strength and endurance in my workouts?
Manifesting starts from the wish and the burning desire to achieve goal in life write your goals and process as well to achieve the goal visualise the process as well as the goal that you are achieving through this process and consistency is the key if do it consistently you will surely achieve it affirmations with visualisation will also help
Hey Deepti, Good to see you here.. To manifest anything I suggest three Ws.. 1st is Wish then Will power and then Way When you have a strong desire to manifest your wish, keep faith and start enjoying the wish as if it has happened in your reality and then start applying the ways or various methods whichever fits best for your desires. Regards Shagun K Singh
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How l loss my weight
Aloe c+9 challenge. it's the best
Have you tried Aloe Vera gel. DM for more information
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I recently joined a gym and I didn't go because I couldn't manage my college and gym 😔 college is draining me physically and mentally that I cannot complete any task after returning home and I start feeling guilty to eat food. any tips?
i think you should try practising from small steps at first. Dont try to do everything all at once as it can be burdening. For ex you can start with a light workout in your home only
Prioritize self-care. Start with small, manageable workouts and gradually increase intensity. Schedule gym time around college to avoid burnout. Remember, progress takes time, so be patient with yourself.

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